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  • Wind Protection Ideas?

    Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for protecting trees from wind?

    Thinking ahead to when we’ll have Santa Ana winds where I’m at this Fall that are very drying and can gust 50+ mph. I have a lot of tender one year old trees that I’m more concerned about.

    I have a shade structure that I thought about putting some 20% shade cloth on the sides, but I’m worried the wind would blow that over. (It’s made from PVC pipe and weighed down with sand bags.) So, I’m hoping someone might have a more practical suggestion. I don’t know if it would be better to protect each individual tree with something, or if I’m even worrying too much about it?
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    How big are the trees? In ground? This will be temporary? When I lived in socal I can't remember the wind ever being a problem in the 15 years but I was near the coast and my tree was thick.


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      They’re in pots, and yes, something temporary.

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    I remember some days could break branches and roll over trash cans so it's good to plan ahead. If feaseable i would move them to a protected place against the wall. If on dirt I would get 6' metal posts and drive them 2' into ground and attach a tarp to posts. It would be cheap and reusable. If on concrete moving them sounds easiest. It all depends on how many trees and how young they are, as to how I would tackle it.


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      Ugh wind. Yeah I have been struggling with that a few years now growing on a 4th floor rooftop, and in a particularly windy area in LA, I pretty much have some sort of constant wind. Last season I tried to stake and support trees as much as possible, this year I did the opposite and haven't been staking trees and so far they seem to be growing thicker/stronger branches as the wind forces them to adapt. But then I don't get quite the crazy wind that some parts of So Cal valleys can get, so probably cants speak to 50+ mph!
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        I grow all of my trees in pots and bury them halfway just for this reason. Never had a tree blow over.
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          You can always tip them over ahead of time. Then stand them back up after the wind has passed
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