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  • Moscatel Preto 2021 baby tree

    Hey all, started this cutting over winter. This over achiever put on some figs and I had this beaut last week. Of course this is not the greatest indication as it’a only a few months old, but boy o boy! Very sweet fig with berry tones and touch of acidity. Can’t wait till the tree matures!
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    Zone 7a Westchester County, NY
    Wish List: De La Roca. Vincenzo, Verdolino, Blanche De Deu’s Saisons

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    Congrats! I’ve killed this one two yrs in a row…
    CJ in Memphis 7b/8a….tight eyes, nonsplitters...Pons figs, French figs, Mario figs & tasty Cali seedlings!


    • Pdiscool
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      If I have cuttings I’ll let ya know. It’s growing pretty well

    • Pdiscool
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      I’ve had a few varieties that never agree with me and always dies, I know how ya feel

    • claret
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      I've certainly killed my fair share of cuttings this year. Maybe we're going about this all wrong, CJ. Next year, forget all that pampering! Just poke the stick in a cup, set it up on a target range and pull out the guns, eh? At least it'd be wicked fun. 😈

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    Looks good ,hopefully I can get this variety next year