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  • Fico Gentile FL

    This looks very different from Harvey’s bc of my cooler climate but it is an excellent fig. Sweet and jammy with a complex berry winey type taste with an acrid skin. The bitter skin happens sometimes with cool weather ripening.

    Anyone else ripened this one yet? Seems like a real winner.
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    Eric - Santa Barbara, CA Zone 10a

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    I like these where it's like you can see the inside through the skin.
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    • Evdurtschi
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      Me too. It’s really cool to see the color bleeding through.

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    It’s kind of reminding me of Lampeira Prusch pics that were posted not too long ago, though I think those were breba. Any similarity in flavor between the two from what you remember?
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    • Evdurtschi
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      It looks very much like LP so far and the flavor is also similar. I’ll be doing a side by side with them soon to compare and contrast.

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    This was my casualty this year. My cutting from Harvey rooted and leafed out with tons of roots. A month after up potting…the dreaded wilt, then leaf drop. It might have received too much rain.
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      Haven't ripened one yet as I only received a small tree this as gift from a local but it is growing and pushing figs already so I am looking forward to it next year.
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