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  • Raspberry Tart vs Unk Pastiliere - Round 3

    Ok. After 3 years of experience with trying these side by side, I have enough experience now to call my personal victor.

    I know this will be controversial but I just have to say it. I’ve done several blind taste tests personally and with friends and family and the resounding champion is Raspberry Tart. It has everything that UP has but with added depth and, most importantly for many, more sweetness!! It is a truly remarkable fig. An almost identical comment is uttered, after trying them both, “they taste almost exactly the same except RT is sweeter”

    The skin is not as soft as UP and it has a rougher texture that is slightly furry but I like it.

    There have been a couple of people that reported ripening these without the wasp but that could be a coincidence or it could be a variety that takes a few years. Not sure but i would suggest holding off on adding this one unless you have the wasp.

    Raspberry Tart is on the left in the first 2 pics.
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    Eric - Santa Barbara, CA Zone 10a

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    Whoa! Patiently waiting for my RT to grow enough to be able to do a side by side as well. I JUST painfully plucked a few barely formed fruit off the tree today. No way they would ripen properly enough, so was either let the fruit grow or let the tree put more energy to growing the rest of the season!
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      Glad I got RT !! can’t wait to taste 👅 this year …

      Goid night everyone!!
      Texas 9A


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        Oh man, if Raspberry Tart ends up being common, you may have discovered my Holy Grail fig. I've always said that if I could find an equivalent to Unk Pastilliere that didn't require the wasp, I would die a happy man. To me Unk Pastilliere is the only fig that actually has a true tart cherry taste (with added sweetness).

        Unfortunately for me, even though I cut off the Sangue Dolce that you had grafted onto a Raspberry Tart cutting for me last year, the resulting stump never sent up a shoot. I guess there was no viable node below the graft point. I'm assuming that after about 5 months with no green growth and warm temperatures, the roots have probably died by now, even though I have tried to keep the soil moist just in case. I'll have to make acquiring some RT cuttings a priority this winter.
        Richard - San Diego 10a


        • Tongalahi
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          I thought I had killed a few plants, dig it up before you compost it! Sometimes they resprout from the roots. I would also give it a light dose of fertilizer bc that seems to wake up any late starters for me

        • FigFiend
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          Doc you may have mentioned it before but if you're concerned about caprification why not establish a caprifig or two in your backyard or a near by canyon etc?

        • DrDraconian
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          There's just no room in my yard. People who haven't been here don't appreciate how small it is compared to the amount of plants I have in pots right now. Planting a caprifig and letting it get big enough to hold all the crops would take up at least 25% of the space I am going to be allocate to figs going forward. I've thought seriously about planting a couple in the nearby canyon, but they've cleared out the local figs, palms and eucalyptus trees (all non-natives) in the past few years, and provide some upkeep on the trails (and so monitor the area), so any caprifigs I plant are almost guaranteed to be pulled out within a season or two.

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        Awesome! May I join Richard for a shameless cuttings request, please?
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          Click image for larger version

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            "slightly furry but I like it"
            omg, meme worthy statement right there! hahaha
            South Jersey, zone 7a- 20 mins from Philly, 30 mins from AC


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              My tree has some figlets and hoping they can ripen without the wasp. Atleast the good news is that the figlets are bigger than the size when my Rose Gold started dropping them.

              In case they drop, I will have cuttings available
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              • mwhight34
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                You’ll have to let us know if your figlets hold until ripening!🤞🏻🤞🏻

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              I sooo wish one of these turns out to be common! I’m done collecting but for RT I’d be willing to spend money again


              • swethakyadav
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                Haha... I have an air layer coming along nicely... Cha ching

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              I rolled the dice on this one but it was given to me as common so lets see what happens. It would be nice if it is common as I will have so nice trade bait.
              Tony, Toronto Canada USDA 4B now 5B apparently!!
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                Thank you for the blind tested, "crowd sourced" info! Are both varieties similar in productivity & fruit weight?

                It must be exciting to be at such a massive culling point!
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                Alan. Los Angeles area. Zone 10b (Sunset zone 24).
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                  Great looking fig! How about the tree? Is it more vigorous or productive compared to UP and in general?
                  Istvan - Southern California - Zone 10b
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                  • Evdurtschi
                    Evdurtschi commented
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                    It appears to be more vigorous but it is also quite productive. Similar