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  • Great brebas from a sunny spot in San Francisco

    There's a lot of information about what varieties work in various parts of the United States, but it's difficult finding information about what works in San Francisco - especially the sunnier parts of the City. While I'm proud of my fig trees, I'm even happier to able to share my experience with other gardeners in my area who might be interested in planting figs. I've posted about my huge Tauro breba and my unknown breba, but now that I've had my last breba for the season, here are other varieties that bore great brebas for me in the Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco. All of these figs were kept outside all year long, in 10g fabric pots.

    Desert King is amazing here - at least for the brebas, since we don't have the wasp... yet. Here's my first one (I dropped it on the floor before weighing it).
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    Bourjasotte Grise bears tasty brebas here in San Francisco. This one didn't ripen properly, but tasted like a mildly sweet, firm, non-acidic strawberry.
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    Longue d'Aout does spectacularly well here. Here's the only breba I got this year, though. It wasn't very complex, but it was incredibly sweet!
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    I can't say enough about Desert King - on my small tree, I had ten large brebas! Most were 60g+, but here's my last breba of the season, a relative runt at 43g. It was incredibly sweet, with a slight acidity and a hint of strawberry. It was like a muted strawberry jam with extra sugar:
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    Here are a handful of pictures from the rest of my breba harvest (yes, I needed to wait a few days longer before picking them, but they were still very good):
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    Parting thoughts on this year's brebas for those in the San Francisco, especially the Excelsior: Plant a Tauro if you want early, sweet, juicy, and large brebas but aren't picky about complex flavors. LdA bears a superior breba, however. BG also bears tasty brebas. I haven't sampled many varieties, but DK bears excellent brebas here in San Francisco. I'll provide an update on my main crop figs as they ripen - I expect I'll have something to say about Figo Preto in about a month or two, along with La Verne's Turkish, and maybe Negronne, Adriatic JH, and White Madeira #1.
    San Francisco, Zone 10b

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    An important thing to note, however, is that the eastern neighborhoods can be up to 10 degrees warmer than the west on average and during a heat event can be up to 20-25 degrees warmer. Things that work for Julian might not work for you if you are too far out west.
    San Francisco Zone 10B.
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      I love the color of the Bourjasotte Grise. It looks beautiful.
      John, Z6a, Western CT. Just to have some fun growing stuff and maybe enjoy a few figs along the way.


      • Julian
        Julian commented
        Editing a comment
        Agreed! It seems like many brebas will acquire a very deep purple coloration in my neck of the woods. Anecdotally, it seems to make them taste more "figgy" (tannic?).