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  • Anyone tried this? Did it work?

    I’ve seen a few videos where some have used cardboard boxes around their trees, filled it with straw then covered it with tar paper then a tarp to protect their fig trees for winter. Looked interesting to me. This technique was always done on small trees though not like 10ft size.
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    I bet this would work great in 6b. I have not tried this personally.
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      Here’s a 4 part video. He used burlap and brown paper instead of straw or leaves. https://youtu.be/ieFlOwoCfyE. https://youtu.be/f_-Hp8QqFhA. https://youtu.be/Zg2px4P60Mw https://youtu.be/c5RNwaNCARw
      Teresa Staunton Va Zone 6B


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        A secret about water drainage is that it always wants to go from big pores to small, and will not go from small pores to big. If you can hold onto that phenomenon then you can figure out a good way to keep water off it and even keep cardboard dry during a good storm. Unfortunately a bunch of dams had to fail before they figured that one out. It seems like moisture intrusion is the biggest problem with overwintering
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          It's a similar concept as the Pyramids and Figloos covered in other threads -- the bottom is open to the ground which allows ground heat to rise up inside the wrapping. Leaves and straw would block the rising warmth.

          The main difference is that he's in a warmer climate and can get away with less insulation to hold the ground heat in. The Pyramids are made from foam insulation boards. Joe's Figloos use foil backed bubble insulation wrap with pink fiberglass insulation attached to the inside.
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