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  • Unknown Green Fig Variety #2


    Any idea what kind of fig this is? It’s from a tree about 12-14 feet tall/wide. The taste is really sweet with a mild fig/berry flavor. I haven’t seen these leaf patterns before. I’m In the San Fernando Valley so it could be Caprified and look different than pictures I’ve seen online. Anyone recognize the type? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    Anthony- Fig Finder of Los Angeles


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    *It’s from a different tree than my first post.
    Anthony- Fig Finder of Los Angeles



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      I would guess maybe Conadria?

      I work in the SFV I’ve heard that there are fig trees to be found in the area, but haven’t been able to go looking myself. It sounds like maybe a lot of planted ones as opposed to seedlings, is that what you’ve found to be the case?
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      • Figology
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        My block alone has at least 10 houses with fig trees. The surrounding blocks are the same. My area used to be a farming community before the 50’s so some of the trees look ancient.

        The wild figs I see are growing between
        Brick walls and sidewalks or randomly in a alley. I’ve seen some small ones where Streams end near the 118fwy.

      • RosyPosy
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        Figology I can think of some areas off the 118 that might be good for fig hunting. It sounds like you’re in a great area for a fig obsession then!