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  • Ambrosia Beetle Prevention.

    when all my trees died some years ago, i think i saw signs of ambrosia beetles. what's best prevention for them and similar borers? a new tree will be coming soon and i want to be prepared. seems one of the cuttings i sent out is doing good.
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    Piedmont NC

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    Did your tree's sustain frost damage or another type of damage which in turn attracted the Ambrosia Beatle.

    Last year I brought my tree's out early and they got frost damage and then that attracted the Ambrosia Beatle. This year I waited longer to bring them out from winter storage and now the answer to your question I sprayed with Permethrin which works on the Ambrosia Beatle.
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      Like tinyfish says, It's stress that attracts the beetle, so protect in ground trees from frost damage after they have started to bud out.
      Potted trees just wait to bring them out until you are sure your last frost has happened.

      If you notice the holes the beetles are making, look for the lowest one, cut the tree right below it.
      The tree will recover/regrow.

      Burn the portion you cut off.

      Happy growing.
      Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

      Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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        I had some cold damage on my Brown Turkey and started noticing the whiskers on some branches. I ended up cutting the effected branch down to the dirt, I noticed two more branches that had the whiskers a few days later and removed them. I was lucky that I did not have anymore effected branches and the BT recovered and is growing fine and producing figs. I can not say that will work for all trees but it did work for mine. I had read that I would have to destroy the tree but I had grafted some thinner cutting onto it and wanted to try to AL them so I would not lose them. I was glad it worked out.
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          As mentioned above cut the tree or branch off above the lowest A.B hole and destroy it to give the tree a chance to recover.
          Tony, Toronto Canada USDA was 4B now 5B
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          • ZingsFigs
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            There where only a few that were damaged by the cold I had actually cut back some branches for cuttings but they where fine it was just a couple random branches that were damaged. Unfortunately we had a lot of damage from some severe wind storms and I lost hundreds of trees. I checked some of the damaged trees and they were covered in the beetles but the healthy trees where not. It is amazing how nature works and how the plants send out distress ( I can not think of the word) signals that attract the beetles. And we thought people where complicated. Hahaha

          • tinyfish
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            Sorry about all the losses you had. I hope your collection is getting back to where it was