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  • Figo Preto 2021 - Berry Liquor

    This has so much honey it was like someone had poured a thick liquor over it! Like a sweet rich dessert wine. Only lacks a bit in the complexity for me a bit, but we’re mincing words at this point. So far for me better than BM KK and this year at least earlier than CC so we will see how that stacks up. More prolific than those two as well. So so good

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    // Los Angeles (10b) //
    // Wish List - A real yard with space to grow //

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    That's outrageous, congrats!
    Tom V
    On the road! USA
    Make compost not war


    • Terra
      Terra commented
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      Couldn't have said it better!

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    Definitely one of the prettiest figs I’ve seen posted here in awhile 😀


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      I won one in figbid by Peter!! Man I can’t wait for my tree to grow!! That looks delicious 😃

      Mario Tx
      Texas 9A


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        That is a perfect fig picture!
        𓂃𓂃☽︎​ᨏ𓂃High Desert Foothills𓂃ᨏ☼​𓂃𓂃
        Zone 9ã • Southern CA


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          Gorgeous fig! And bonus points for the clean fingernails!
          Phoenix, Arizona 9B


          • Newbie2figs
            Newbie2figs commented
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            That’s funny!! Man I have to clean mine all the time!!😂

          • bkkchris
            bkkchris commented
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            Haha. Gotta keep those nails clean!

          • Bellefleurs
            Bellefleurs commented
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            I notice these things as well….

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          Gorgeous fig!
          you have your watering down!
          How high is the roof you are a
          on? I’m impressed the wasp can find you
          Round Rock, TX 8b
          WL: Delicious figs


          • bkkchris
            bkkchris commented
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            Thanks! Everything growing on the 4th floor. I am impressed the wasps find me as well!

          • Halligan-
            Halligan- commented
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            That’s awesome!
            They’re motivated little fellas!

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          Wow wow we wow
          bergen county NJ 6b
          Wish list: oh lets face it Ill take any variety I dont have!!


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            oh wow. Strawberry jam on steroids.
            Istvan - Southern California - Zone 10b
            Wishlist: CdD Mutante, GM 175, Bordissot Negra Rimada


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              That little drop of honey, just awesome.
              SW TN 7B Wish list: Boysenberry Blush, Coll de Dama Mutante, Madeira Island Black, Cravens Craving, Malibu Greek and Fico Giallo. Any fig I can grow and Happy Days