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  • Looking for info on Negra d’Agde

    Ok so I’ve been looking into Negra d’Agde but haven’t bad much luck finding info about this other than a couple videos. I’ve been hoping that if anyone out there has this variety (without the wasps) could shed some light on it and if they have had any success and what the flavor profile is.
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    It's a fantastic variety for the PNW, no wasps. Strong berry flavor. One Green World has them on their site, available in a few days.


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      I just had a couple yesterday.
      Its an awesome fig. Definitely a berry bomb.
      My daughter says it tastes like a really good grape.
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      • ETXfigger
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        Would you say it’s similar to a Bordeaux type berry flavor and size?

      • Halligan-
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        To be honest, I can’t taste anything right now, lol. I could tell it was sweet with a great texture. That’s why I sited my daughters flavor description😉 She really liked, made her eyes light up.

        This fig is smaller than the others the tree has produced this year. They have been larger, but the birds and squirrels got them

        I’d bow to jrdewhirst flavor and description

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      I have a young tree planted in the ground last year. It produced a few figs last year that were great. But really you should check back with me in a month.
      Joe, Z6B, RI.


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        I just ripen one today on my first year tree. Could have used a couple more days. But moderately sweet and slight hint of berry. Since it’s a young tree figs should be better with age
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