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  • Peter's Honey - Harvesting tips + Ant control

    I have a Peter's Honey tree that is about 7-8 years old, and is finally producing a healthy harvest... and many creatures out there have also noticed!

    First a quick question about harvesting. Not sure if this is specific to this species, or if all figs ripen the same way. In prior years, I noticed when picking what appeared to be ripe (squishy soft when squeezing and darker skin) was not always FULLY ripened. I noticed that by leaving them on the tree longer, it resulted in a significantly sweeter tasting fig. So I have been leaving them a lot longer, however...

    My question: is it ok to leave them on the tree after the skin splits? This bursting/splitting is attracting a LOT of ants and who knows what else, so right now I am just picking them, even if they are not completely ripe.

    2nd question (ant control): So what is everyone using out there to control ants? Are environment-friendly solutions any good?

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    If the figs starts to split, I usually pick them and will let them finish ripening inside, but if you want to leave them outside for longer, you can bag them. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QZG5DJG...ing=UTF8&psc=1

    I’ve used diatomaceous earth around the base of the tree or a band of sticky paper around the trunk or the tree to control crawling pest.
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      Great, thanks so much for the tips @miacio!  Regarding the mini-bags, can't the ants get in under?  Also, I worry if I tighten too much, the fig will just break/fall off the branch.

      I will look into the sticky trap, that's a good suggestion.  Please share any links for products you recommend.

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    So I did not realize that ripe figs can continue to ripen once picked. Just saw a tip to put a dollop of olive oil on the "belly button" on the bottom of each fig to prevent gas from escaping, thus accelerating the ripening process.
    Anyone ever try this? If so, did it work? Any other tips or alternatives?


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      I use sugar and borax 3 to 1 mix with a little water to make a paste. Put it into a butter container with a couple holes drilled in the side and put the lid on. Ants will take it back to the nest to share and they all die.

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