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    Morning to everyone here,
    I found a tree that hangs over the wall into a public lot by the bike store I used to go to nearby me. I recently checked on it and was able to get some fruit from it. I've gotten all 3 stages of ripening at this point...
    Leaves aren't too large 3 and 5 finger leaves
    Early ripe taste - acidic berry/ slight melon undertones
    Ripe - berry/ the melon at this point to me seems more like cream (might be mixed with the mouth feel/texture thats confusing me - 2nd pic)
    Over Ripe - berry into straight red wine! (first pic)

    *NOTE* All the fruits are caprifiedClick image for larger version  Name:	lZ4MmJJR3f8eUT2tWGK3xp1_JthuRwNNeazPqL7aDLINiVhHZU-mliCY2YanFY9R84ZZ9dLaVBbNwuQHMYRBNSt1aMFubXsWQzCDU3C_sFCd7niPecWs9W-iuxwewjP2iXMK6ABleCn1vwYpENSElOP048xmHGaUcvXoyyFf-OzUOLGASKalm05Koly0c1wLU0iXiqO6PtQwkq3dgZXa2EmXUlGCcOo-YOmh09GSDmvAPIbjzNTeij7KxArxKad Views:	0 Size:	188.2 KB ID:	1032131
    Click image for larger version  Name:	OXtMtJKJAaym9v4J7owGUD3XK2cTCmfA4Hy9BgYVvFRnwRdsuncRDYMMRovyTzUEu7Dmskz9UkIkpa8yrfoL84aUU5VqDeeWqbgxvIX7ys0ZN5qxJahyjLeFQtGpfuw4Wn8rv6ZOxzt1xa7yLxN9_ojpxMQvzMoUq3er_pVouL2_IHdaqmx6zoHTMoH4TXk6R0fkMq6ByZbRIDLuImapR2a9gO9r5Cz5aOaa7_XgXe-MaQQgTYiAibDKxmTftL8 Views:	0 Size:	164.7 KB ID:	1032132
    Fullerton CA literal border of zones 10A/B

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    In California, some of the trees are seedlings, or new varieties. They may not be the "traditional" varieties we can readily identify.
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