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  • Plasti Dip grafts

    This is kind of random: has anyone ever thought about sealing grafts with some type of coating to maintain moisture? I’m in a Zone 10a so it’s gets pretty warm here. I have 4 grafts secured with garden tape and wrapped in foil. Any pros and cons please.
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    There are several on the market, google apple grafting supplies, commonly used on fruit tree grafting
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      I think Fig Gazer uses asphalt emulsion.

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        DEPENDING on the graft whip and tonge grafts ,bud grafts best to wrap with parafilm /buddy tape .cleft grafts and rind bark grafts work better with green grafting tape and a healthy dose of asphalt emulsion to seal ,green tape for streagth .NOTE ASPHAULT EMULSION WAS FIRST MARKETIED IN CALIF AS "TREE SEAL "" BASICALY BORN IN ZONE 10 .
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