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  • Nice surprise today

    In March I purchased a lovely Cessac cutting from fruitnut and hoping to double my chances of growing a tree, split the cutting and grafted it to two trees that I had woken up early for that purpose, a Cherry Cordial and an Atreano Gold. Both are very vigorous growers for me.

    Fast forward to April, and both grafts took, putting out branches and leaves like crazy. By May 25, the graft on Cherry Cordial set 4 figs, while the Atreano graft seemed to focus solely on getting into growing like a weed mode.

    Today, I noticed two of the four figs on the Cherry Cordial graft beginning to swell, 80 days in (right about at 1920 GDD 50). I should be tasting a Cessac in a few days. The graft on Atreano Gold has grown like an absolute weed and is over seven feet tall. I already removed an airlayer and now have a third plant on it's own roots, it seems to be a very vigorous variety.

    Cessac on Cherry Cordial (April) Cessac on Atreano Gold (April)
    Click image for larger version

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    Cessac on Cherry Cordial (Today) Cessac on Atreano Gold (Today)
    Click image for larger version

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    Joe, Central Bucks, PA Zone 6b/7a

  • #2
    Love that you are using Cherry Cordial for Cessac root stalk😂😂

    Talk about premium!
    Round Rock, TX 8b
    WL: Delicious figs


    • Otis
      Otis commented
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      Exactly what I was thinking. I still use BT for most of my grafting attempts.

    • JoePAFig
      JoePAFig commented
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      The reality of it is, whatever is my most vigorous, I'm going to use as rootstock. I can always let a branch grow from the base, and if it roots like crazy, behaves well in a variety of weather conditions, it's fair game for grafting to.

    • Halligan-
      Halligan- commented
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      For sure some of the seedlings seem to have the best roots👍🏻
      I really need to learn how to graft!