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  • Black Madeira (jon) bark graft on BT 2021

    I thought that I would start this thread for some discussion on Bark grafts or other grafts and how the figs might behave differently on different rootstocks. This is a Black Madeira (jon) I just picked about an hour ago. Two years ago I grafted it onto Brown Turkey rootstock. It was a major decapitation for BT. I cut it off about 2 inches above ground and grafted BM onto it. There were no traces of BT left. Harvey was the inspiration for me to do this, because in his YouTube video he said his BM on BT rootstock were superior growers.

    Everyone says that BM gets a tough and leathery skin in hot climates. Yet this fig had a thin, delicate skin and was juicy and dripping honey. It came in at 44.7 grams and was delicious.

    So I'm interested in how other peoples grafts either help or hurt their figs. Feel free to post pics and your thoughts!
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    Great thread and just today my son asked me if it’s possible for a graft to share mitochondrial DNA with a graft.
    My BMKK is grafted onto a vigorous rootstock. It fruits relatively early (as in right now) and the fruit does not split. I now have three large branches from that one little cutting that I grafted last year.
    Contrast this experience with Preto or Violeta. Synonyms for black Madeira.
    My Preto is a very small tree with figs but not showing signs of ripening just yet.
    Violeta is extremely slow growing and every fig so far has split.
    I would agree that BM is best grown as a grafted tree.
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      What a good question I can't answer. Your Son is smart. I'm guessing pre-med or science major.

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      I was the pre-med/ science major.
      He’s much smarter…engineering/ math 😊