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  • How thick of branch to airlayer?

    This is my first season to airlayer. I've had good success with branches that are as round as a sharpie. My question is does success diminish with thinner branches? I have a branch on a top tier tree that is as thick as a pencil and is very lignified. Do I airlayer now or wait? Thanks
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    Go for it, worst case you’ll need to stake it to support the AL.
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      Pencil thick works fine for airlayers.
      I personally do not start airlayers this late in the season anymore.
      I have done it in the past and I have ended up overwintering the airlayer attached to the mother tree.
      If you are planning on selling it because it is a high value tree, remember to give it a few weeks after you cut it to grow out roots.

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      • RedRockFig
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        I think I'm waiting til spring. It is to be a backup for me. I still have 2 plus months of growing season here. It is in ground and pushing good growth right now so why not wait and let it get bigger. Thanks for the advice.

      • Netstars
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        Good plan. I only have one airlayer left in my orchard. It is a Crozes that I’m growing as a backup as well.
        You could also root cuttings if you are planning on rooting cuttings indoors.
        I’m not going to root indoors next year because we like to visit warm climates when it is cold in Oregon. I don’t like dealing with having others taking care of my trees.