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  • Tip: How to get Pro-Mix for ½ price

    I was at Lowes the other day (in Canada but this might apply in the US too) and managed to score a few bales of Pro-Mix BX and HP for half price even though they were NOT on sale.

    How? While I was chatting with a friendly Lowes employee in the garden center, he told me that any potting mix bales that had a tear or hole in them where potting mix was falling out was eligible to be sold under their "recovery bag" policy. It's basically their way to move product that is damaged off the sales floor before it degrades further or becomes unsaleable.

    For the record, the holes in these bales were already there and I don't suggest anyone intentionally cause damage. But if you do happen to see an already damaged bag (especially toward the tail end of the growing season when their stock isn't selling as quickly), ask them if they can recovery bag it for you!

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    great tip !!
    Toronto, Canada USDA Zone 5. Wish List: Azores Dark, Malta Black, Improved Celeste and Smith. I'm always interested in trading cuttings if your in the Southern Ontario area. Thank You!


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      Yes, thanks for passing along the info!
      Travis - Cincinnati OH. Zone 6


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        That is good to know! Thanks for sharing
        Angel #1 at 2 Angels Mushrooms & Figs-Chattanooga, TN Zone 7-B
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          Yep, they do it here in the US as well. I have picked up many bags of StayGreen Tree Soil at half price. Mix with a little of peat and pine chips, it make a great fig tree mix. Another tip, Monday’s are the best days to look. Usually after busy weekends there are torn bags, especially in the spring.
          Dave- Waterford, Ct. Zone 6a