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  • Discovery Park. Anybody?

    I wanted to try this one for the breba potential but this year it didn’t produce any. It’s got a nice 4-branch scaffold to it and it has set 4-5 figs on each branch, and actually set fairly early without a headstart. However they’re now dropping. Water and fertilizer aren’t an issue as it’s on my drip line and gets regular water.

    Has anybody else gotten fruit from this one? Mine hasn’t dropped everything yet but it’s not looking good.
    Z8+ Oregon, willamette valley. WL: More land, cool citrus
    Ok fine, I made a channel but it’s not all figs: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC2vAVzLns27I5JUiwpiPMUw

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    Mine are first years. Got them because the figs looked quite different. At the rate they are growing should have figs next year.
    Louisiana Zone 8/9. W/L Whatever fig I don't have.