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  • Any Other Hobby/Collection?

    about three years ago, started smoking tobacco pipe. more or less to cut down on cigarettes. it would go nicely sitting under a fig tree with few pints of Guinness.
    USDA Zone 7b
    Piedmont NC

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    I build computers....customize them to peoples needs, but the current state of the country/world has made this extremely difficult.
    Only do it on the side anymore.
    But I could grab a bottle of Redbreast and a few Land sharks and join you in contemplating life and everything.
    Maybe a bottle of Green spot.
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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      Took up roasting my own green coffee beans about two years ago. Average about one pound per week, although, when I bring out the roaster I roast a few pounds, one at a time. Neighbor across the street has chickens. Thoughts? You got it. Fresh roasted coffee for fresh eggs. I think it is called a symbiotic relationship. 😃 I've roasted beans from Costa Rica (my favorite), Burundi, Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico and Peru, to name a few.
      John, Z6a, Western CT. Just to have some fun growing stuff and maybe enjoy a few figs along the way.


      • Ktrain
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        I have 31 chickens, not all laying yet...another month or 2.
        Making deals already. lol

      • WIFigger
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        What do you use for a roaster? I still have some green beans I tried once with terrible luck.

      • BigJohnfromCT
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        I use a Behmor 1600 roaster. Works well. Can roast up to 1# at a time.

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      I grow citrus trees and love to go camping and fishing. The next thing on my "fishing" list is to try crabbing.
      8A GA Wishlist: Cavaliere,Ponte Tresa,Gross Monstruese,Stella,White Adriatic #1, White Greek,White Maderia #1, family heirloom figs


      • Tom
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        Love fishing and crabbing. We catch blue claws in NJ with hand lines, tons of fun. Fishing is a passion, offshore for tuna and pelagic’s and inshore striped bass and bottom fishing of many species.

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      I do lampworking every now and then. It's glass blowing with a torch, and I'm in Texas, so I don't get to do it as often as I would like. Off and on about 5 years. I make a variety of items, and do it for fun. I made the fig pendants in my profile pic and have even thought about making a fig pipe It could be good for your tobaccy (or the wacky kind).
      Meys - Round Rock, TX. Zone 8b
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        Originally posted by LadyGT View Post
        I grow citrus trees and love to go camping and fishing. The next thing on my "fishing" list is to try crabbing.
        crabbing isn't fun like fishing, but when ton of 'em grab hold on to that bait and come up, pretty exciting
        USDA Zone 7b
        Piedmont NC


        • LadyGT
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          It's something I have always wanted to do in CA. Dungeness crab there was fantastic so I am willing to try the Blue Crabs here in the Atlantic.

        • bullet08
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          never had dungeness crab. but blue crabs in season are great. those back fin lumps. yum!

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        Scuba. Going to Ft. Lauderdale and Key Largo next week. This is from a cenote in Mexico. If you think that fig trees multiply take up scuba. Then you will really see how a hobby can grow.

        Click image for larger version

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        • ieatfigs
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          So do you just go down there and look around, or what? Maybe an ignorant question.

        • KDAD
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          ieatfigs in a cenote which is a fresh water sink hole connected by underwater caves to each other, yes you go down and swim around looking at how the light bounces around, at the cave structure and other features such as haloclines where fresh water lays on top of salt water creating fascinating visual effects. We are not cave certified so we stay in the cavern zone. For reef or wreck diving there are different things to see depending on the location and what you are after. Sharks, dolphins, whales, turtles, corals, etc. Plus diving should be very relaxing as you float weightless through the water column. For me there is the added draw of the skills involved and the gear.

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        Can’t say I have done much with figs yet…

        I worked as a cook for several years and love putting together four course meals. He recently I have finally gotten a smoker and have been making North Carolina barbecue and other smoked meats and potatoes.

        I love cartooning. Though this has been shelved for a spell.
        Nashville Tennessee Zone 7A


        • bullet08
          bullet08 commented
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          used to be a fast order cook at my father's restaurant during busy season. it was fun, but hard and sweaty work. prefer cooking at home

        • Travelers_TN
          Travelers_TN commented
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          Yeah cooking is a tough job. It was great experience and is something used all my life and it taught me I didn’t want to be a professional chef.