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  • Got Covid along with family ( everyone will be fine), stuck at home bored.

    So I have COVID along with the kids and wife. Sitting at home bored silly until the quarantine is over.

    I need everyone to convince me not to plant some of my large figs in ground over the next few days. I told myself I would wait until 2022, but I am so bored.
    West Feliciana, Louisiana
    Zone 8b
    Working on planting 1 acre with Figs, Persimmon, Loquats, Jujube, Citrus and other fruits.

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    I would plant them while you have the free time. When I had it I felt to drained to do much of anything. Quite annoying being home with so much to do but not having the energy to do it. Get well man and plant the trees
    Mike Lamonte

    Louisiana Zone 8/9. W/L Caprifigs of old and new ones to trial.


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      You don't have to make a decision now when you're under the pressure of being bored. Maybe daydream of what fig varieties you'd like to have, what you'd like your collection to look like in two or three or five years. Do you like audio books?
      I'm a bit concerned when a person does strenuous physical work after they've been ill, especially with a viral infection. I went into medicine in the days of the dinosaurs 🤣 and many things have changed. Don't want to cause worry but check with your doctor. Sorry if this is inappropriate.