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  • Time to Return the Goodwill - St. Rita Tree for New Members

    As a newer member last year I received a few trees offered up in various giveaways, mostly contest types, and I want to return the goodwill.

    I have a St. Rita fig tree that has been rooted out from a cutting and is established enough for shipping. I’ll cover shipping. The tree is available for all new members who have a join date of April 2021 or later. Entry is by replying to the post by 9 am Eastern on Thursday that you would like to entered. I will use a random number generator to decide who wins and I’ll contact you through PM.

    I won’t ship to AK, HI, or international...including California.

    The story behind the St. Rita fig is:

    Shortly before her death from her bed at the convent Rita asked a friend to bring her a rose from her garden at her home. It was a cold and snowy January and certainly not the season for roses to bloom, but to gratify the whim of a woman who was desperately ill, the friend went there and was amazed to find a rose bush in full bloom. Picking a rose and taking it back to the convent, she asked Rita if she could get her something else. "Yes," was the answer; "bring me back two figs from my beloved tree in my garden." The friend hastened away to the garden once more and amazingly discovered two ripe figs on a leafless snow bound fig tree.

    Rita is sometimes represented in art as holding these emblems. St. Rita of Cascia is especially venerated in Spain, and there and elsewhere she has been called "the saint of the impossible." In all countries persons who have especially heavy burdens to bear have been comforted and helped by meditating on the example of this saint, and praying to her.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	St. Rita 6.jpg
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    NNJ 6B
    Wishlist: Cessac!

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    I miss the cutoff by 2 months so I can’t enter. I did enjoy the story behind the fig. It is a really fun story. I think I will have to plant the fig in my orchard with a statue of Saint Rita.
    West Feliciana, Louisiana
    Zone 8b
    Working on planting 1 acre with Figs, Persimmon, Loquats, Jujube, Citrus and other fruits.


    • KDAD
      KDAD commented
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      It was a challenge to pick a cut off date. I figured that my growing season opens around April 15 so went with that. I do have another St. Rita that will be coming available...

    • Threnus
      Threnus commented
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      Let me know when it available, I would be happy to purchase the plant.

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    I'd love to be entered. Thank you for sharing the story and the fig tree.
    Zone 6a/b, Cincinnati. Wishlist: Allix, White Algiers & Tupac's Killer


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      Great story with it and a very generous offer as well.
      Tony; Pickens county, SC zone 7b

      Care for the Earth...there's no place like home


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        👍 KDAD St. Rita is a good sweet fig.
        vigorous and productive it will make a nice addition to a new collection for someone.
        JLB zone 8b south Mississippi. Wish list really good figs thay don't split with all this dang humidity


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          Beautiful looking tree, someone will be very happy to get that!
          PNW, zone 8b WL: anything early!


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            What a cool back story and I appreciate the knowledge! I would love to enter the giveaway. I think this variety would actually do really well in my climate and the reviews all look great.


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              I would like to be entered in this drawing, and thank you for the opportunity!
              Meys - Round Rock, TX. Zone 8b
              Wishlist: Cherry Cordial, Cosme Manyo, Texas Peach, Black Celeste, Little Ruby, any persistent caprifig.


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                I’d love to have an entry. Great story behind this fig.
                Zone 6B WL- To heck with it, I just want 'em all


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                  Thank you for your generous offer. I am a newbie, I bought fig cuttings on Figbid last January and I apparently drowned them. My son bought me a Chicago Hardy for Father's Day. Since then I add a few more to my collection. I like the backstory on the St Rita fig tree. Please include me in this generous give away offer.
                  St Augustine Fl
                  Zone 9A.
                  Guy A
                  St Augustine Fl.
                  Zone 9A.


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                    Thank you for the Story of St. Rita. My mother's name is Rita. I am a new member after April 2021. Also I am new to growing figs.
                    This would be a great birthday present on Thursday for me - I would like to be considered to be entered in your generous contest.
                    Zone 7A
                    Zone 7A--Brick, New Jersey--WL: Black Jack, Black Genoa, Smith, LSU Red, Golden Rainbow, BNR, LSU Strawberry, Unk Burgan, LSU Black, Mutante DC-7, Col. Littman's Black Cross, Eastchester Black Unk., Cavaliere, Texas Strawberry, White Marsielles


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                      Oooooh. I want in.

                      I just noticed no shipping to Ca. Now what if I win but instead have you ship it to another state ( gonna try a do a 3 way trade thingy over here).

                      No worries if that is a No; I can take rejection.
                      California - Zone 9b


                      • ginamcd
                        ginamcd commented
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                        Welcome Kid Fig. If you're planning to send fig trees to someone outside your local area, do them and yourself a favor snd read up on the Black Fig Fly issue plaguing southern CA. It may or may not be in your area/collection, but it would be a shame to have it spread to other states because of hobby growers trading trees. There is an extensive thread in the forum stickies with lots of info and resources.

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                      Yes I've heard.

                      Ever since everytime I water my figs, I look for small flys and try to smack them into oblivion.

                      Not saying these are the BFF, but just in case I go ahead and target them.

                      Actually my trade would most likely involve me trading (assuming I win) with someone else here on the forum, for some other fig they might have and also can/would ship to Ca.

                      So I wouldn't be sending any fig trees. But just the same if you'd prefer not to allow it then no harm no foul.

                      Never hurts to ask and I like you to know my intentions as well.
                      California - Zone 9b


                      • ginamcd
                        ginamcd commented
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                        Glad you're aware of it. And it's not up to me to allow or disallow anything here, I just would rather not have BFF knocking on doors outside of their current range in CA. Up to all of us as a community to try and prevent the spread.

                      • KDAD
                        KDAD commented
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                        ginamcd after a bout with fungus gnats I actually prefer not to ship or receive trees in soil due to the transport of serous and not so serious pests.