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  • Why green figs are so slow

    Three examples below, but I got more.

    Battaglia Green
    Emerald Strawberry
    Harry's Crete

    They are not ripening fast enough, they been the same for 3 to 4 weeks now.

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    I don't think you are the only one by far....good things make you wait. lol
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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      My Thermalito is hanging on to a few in the greenhouse. It’s painful to watch.


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        An early-ripening Adriatic type fig is the holy grail of fig growing. I've grown and abandoned Sumaki, Vasilika Sika vs, Emerald Strawberry, Brooklyn White. I'ver reduced Adriatic JH to one tree. I still have a few Paradiso Gene, but that often seems a triumph of hope over experience. But Dalmatie seems like it may be just early enough. And Green Michurinska is also a little earlier than the others and very tasty.

        For a northern grower, I think it may be essential to have some kind off head start with these varieties. Kelly's display of his success with AJH in a greenhouse shows what's possible.
        Joe, Z6B, RI.


        • Rewton
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          Just saw your comment after I posted mine. No surprise that our experiences are similar. I agree about the head start.

        • jrdewhirst
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          LOL, yeah ditto.

        • richardk
          richardk commented
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          A head start is the only way I get any of mine to ripen. Then I watch the last of them on the tree as it goes dormant

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        Yes, figs with green skin and red pulp (for me at least) tend to take longer to ripen than most. Green Michurinska might be an exception but even it would have to be considered to be at least somewhat late. Figs with green skin and amber/pink pulp (i.e. honey figs) are generally earlier. It is a good question as to why but I don't if anyone has a satisfying answer. I wonder if anyone has attempted to use fig breeding approaches to generate an adriatic type that is early?
        D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
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          Hollier - has ripened fig a month ago.
          White Adriatic - just starting to swell.
          WM#1 - main crop still hard as a rock
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            I see the same stalled ripening here 7B with Battaglia Green and Adriatic JH. Not so for Takoma Violet, my star workhorse.
            Zone 7B, Eastern Shore MD


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              The Emerald Strawberry is still not ripe yet, its getting bigger now, and at this rate I won't be able to get out of the bag, its hard as a rock and looks like its another week or two
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              • SarinaP
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                Beautiful shape!

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              Some of the green figs are early. Atreano?
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              • richardk
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                Yes Atreano is definitely early and delicious but it's not an Adriatic type. (Green skin Dark red pulp)

              • Red_Sun
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                Yes. But here we talking about green figs in general.

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              You know, I think there is about the same range of variation in ripening time for green skinned figs as dark skinned figs, but the popular, widespread green figs just happen to be in the mid- to late-season group.

              Some early to mid-season ripening green-skinned figs for me:

              Dall'Osso White
              Green Michurinska

              Late to very late green-skinned figs for me:

              Battaglia Green
              Harry's Crete

              Some that I'm just not sure about:

              Thermalito -- not late, but I'm not sure if it will consistently be mid or earlier
              Strawberry Verte -- sometimes mid, sometimes later
              JH Adriatic -- looks early-mid this year, but mid-late in past years
              SMGG -- not early
              UCR 187-25 -- usually mid
              Emerald Teardrop -- early or mid
              WM#1 -- ??
              Boysenberry Blush -- ??
              Cosme Manyo -- ??
              And so many more!

              Note that I've written "for me" above because climate makes a huge difference. I'm in California, but my cool coastal whether means I'm only just starting to get a trickle of ripe figs for the last couple of weeks. You're results may vary!
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              Mark -- living in the CA banana belt, growing bananas, figs, and most any fruit I can fit in my small, crowded yard.
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                My 187-25 started swelling figs this week
                Catonsville MD Zone 7A
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                  I’m going through the same situation with my white Adriatic it’s been like this since August and they are big. It’s been well over 100 days 😤
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                    My strawberry verte (from venturabananas ) ripened much earlier this year. I had a few ripened even before RdB. I have almost the same climate as Mark so we ripen later, and Strawberry Verte is almost done (again, as Mark said, now is not "late" for us..June is basically still spring where we live and September is often hotter than July). JH Adriatic is super slow right now, even grafted onto an early producer.

                    Several known late figs are ahead of JH Adriatic, WM#1, CdDB, and other green figs this year.
                    Jaime - Orange County, CA 10a (coastal) Wishlist: Thermalito, Cosme Manyo, Beltrana, Del Sen Jaume Gran


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                      What Mark said above (#10). I have experienced some fluctuations as well. AJH always tends to leave a lot of unripened fruit on the tree and tends to be late. This year it has already ripened its first fig, which was a nice surprise. WM#1 is hands-down my favorite of all Adriatic, and the best fig I ate last year. It normally starts to ripen about now, but this year none have yet started to swell. I love these two and have both of these in pots and inground, too. I have several more in posts such as: Green Ischia, Unk. Prosciutto ( a bit earlier it seems), Emerald Strawberry, etc. Thermolito went inground this year, and Green Michurinska will go in the ground in the spring. We are all still searching for that holy grail fig.... an early, prolific Adriatic that knocks your socks off. Hope springs eternal...
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                        I have picked a couple of JHA so far this year. It's from a second year tree. The White Madeira #1 is still as hard as rock. Seems to me so far, they are later than Black Madeira KK.
                        Cleveland South - Zone 5B.


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                          Strange ..my white adriatic has been my earliest fig this year. Also Desert King main crop has been prolific and early if heavily pruned
                          San Diego zone 10b/10a