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  • Seattle - Sunday Oct 3rd - Potential Small Tasting

    I'm considering hosting a small tasting / gathering / potluck in my yard on Sunday Oct 3rd in Seattle, WA 98122, pending it seems safe enough at that time and you are FULLY Vaccinated. Please send me a direct message with your email and a little about you and I'll shoot you an email at the end of Sept confirming if it's happening or not.
    Thank you. Stay Safe.
    Seattle, WA zone 8/8b and getting colder

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    Darn tootin chemo therapy wiped out my immune system and I cannot be vaccinated as a result of it but I would had loved to come by and meet some amazing local figsters. I hope somebody takes some video footage so I can at least watch it on youtube from my man cave! Hope you all have a good time
    Seattle,WA (USDA) Zone 8b


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      Looking forward to it!!!
      Renton, wa (near Seattle); zone 8b