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  • Brooklyn White

    Seems no matter if picked within a range of a week or more, whether field ripe, store ripe, dead ripe, or fairly early with raw sap pouring out of the end of the neck like this one, Brooklyn White packs enough sugar and flavor to be jelly good.
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    Tony WV 6b

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    Thanks for sharing Tony. How close in taste are the brebas and main crop?
    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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      Has bounced around some, Kevin. For me, the BW brebas have been either a more mild berry or a more pure honey than the main crop.

      The main crop is more consistently a sweet berry flavor here, sometimes sheer jelly sweet, sometimes sort of honey-berry sweet, I suppose, or sugar-glazed berry.

      I look forward to a few BW brebas each year though BW has not proven as prolific or consistent of flavor as other breba producers.
      Tony WV 6b


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        1st photo BW breba 2016: big thick ball of honey flavor
        2nd photo BW breba 2016: mild berry flavor
        3rd photo BW main 2016: sweet berry jelly flavor
        You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 3 photos.
        Tony WV 6b


        • fitzski
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          That's interesting that they can have different flavors. Thanks for the info.

        • Fygmalion
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          They look great! I also am impressed that you are getting both Breba and Main crop from it in a 6B growing zone. Is it potted and wintered in doors or wrapped / protected outdoors or some other arrangement? I'm in a 6A zone so anything left outside, even if wrapped / protected will not produce an edible Breba. Usually potting and bringing the plant indoors winter time will result in production of Breba figs but the process of bring the plant back outside in the spring results in the Breba's not maturing successfully. The Main crop that follows is usually successful and provides good yields but would be nice to get both crops each year...


        • mountainfigs
          mountainfigs commented
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          Yes, these are potted and garage protected where the lowest temps only approach freezing or slightly below. Most brebas this year were main crop quality, though not as much with BW as with other cultivars. Breba crops here are much smaller than main crops, in general, and probably best that way so as to maximize the typically far more productive main crops.