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  • Adriatic JH 2021

    Last year I had to pick the fruit quite early to prevent potential critter damage (see first photo). This year I am taking the risk to wait a bit longer (see second photo).
    I think only White Madeira #1 is the one that can come close/beat the taste from similar berry tasting green figs. Which would I prefer would be a really tough call.

    Vigorous tree and also productive. It was heavily pruned, still came back growing long new branches with tons of figs on it.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Istvan - Southern California - Zone 10b
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    Sebastopol, California. Zone 9a
    The best time to plant a fig tree was 80 years ago. The second best time was 50 years ago. Oh well.


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      It doesn't get much better then that.
      Tony, Toronto Canada USDA was 4B now 5B
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      San Biago.


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        been said one of the better figs and i agree with ones off my trees.
        USDA Zone 7b
        Piedmont NC


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          I find Adriatic JH and Battaglia to be very similar this year, though at this time I'm giving the flavor edge and split resistance win to Battaglia. Both extremely good, similar to Strawberry Verte but maybe a little more complex.
          I'm honestly not sure if you mixed Adriatic JH, Battaglia, Green Ischia and Strawberry Verte up and asked me to differentiate the 4 based on taste and appearance that I'd be able to. Anyone else been able to compare these four? I don't have White Madeira so I cannot comment on how good that is vs the others. I do have Adriatic JH, Strawberry Verte and Green Ischia all in ground next to each other and one day when they are all ripe at the same time (maybe later this year) I hope to do a comparison and blind taste test too.
          Zone 8b, College Station, TX
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