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  • UCR 184-15 "Strawberry Teardrop" is a common fig

    Last year I bought a "Strawberry Teardrop" fig tree, I thought it was a smyrna because it dropped all its fruits before they ripened, until the autumn, when one of its fruits finally began to ripen. I live in South America, half a continent away from the nearest fig wasp, so I think it is pretty sure to say that this variety is a common one, only that it is a bit difficult to handle.
    From the beginning I noticed that that particular tree was very sensitive to strong heat and sun, possibly due to the fact that its leaves are different from those of the rest of the figs, thinner and more delicate, like silky, and it is possible that they evaporate a lot of water. This variety consumed more water than the rest, during the hot months it is normal for me that fig trees in pots dehydrate if they are not watered daily, but I had to water this tree twice a day or the leaves began to swell. I had to place the tree under a shade net and remove half of its leaves to avoid evaporation and prevent it from dehydrating, it helped a lot but the fruits kept falling. It was until mid-autumn that the temperature dropped enough to allow it to ripen one single fruit.
    The fruit I finally got was only half ripe, but it was definitely ripening, and despite how green it was, it was still quite sweet and had a nice berry flavor. This year I hope to have better quality fruits from this tree, I will plant it on the ground to see how it develops there.
    I have to say that this year it was very hot, and it is possible that in years with better climate the care this plant requires may not be so exaggerated, I am also convinced that a tree of this variety planted to the ground would perform much better. My advice is that if you plan to have a UCR 184-15 in container, you better choose a large pot which holds more water and place it in an area where it is protected from sunlight for almost half the day.
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    Even being slightly under ripe, still looks very good.
    Good luck in the future with it in ground.
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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      Hi Tolentino. How is your UCR 184-15 Strawberry Teardrop doing since 2021?


      • Tolentino
        Tolentino commented
        Editing a comment
        None of my figs fruited for me during 2022, because of the horrible weather we had. Maybe this year I´ll had better luck

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      Def looks like it has good potential
      5B - Chitown