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  • Trying to remember the name of a fig found in NY near the Great Lakes.


    It's been a while. Recently I came across a fig that is growing in the ground in NC. What was interesting was that it was originally growing up above Water Town, NY. It has very long finger type leaves (Mt Etna type?). Yes I will post pictures. I should be able to get the town later and an aprox age of the original tree. I remember a post in fig for fun forum about a similar find. I think the name started with S. Any help?
    NC Zone 7a-b

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    Well there was Sodus Sicilian that was found somewhere in the cooler part of NY state. Could that be it?
    D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
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      It seems to be an English Brown Turkey type by the way.

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    Sodus Sicilian That's the one! I was curious to see pictures of it and couldn't search without the name.
    NC Zone 7a-b