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  • Leaf Drop problem

    So I’ve been having a lot of leaf drop the last week or so. Trying to figure out the problem. We’ve been having pretty constant warm weather the last few weeks here in LA so thinking it’s under-watering... maybe? This is my first year growing in traditional pots on drip after moving from SIPs, so it’s been a bit of a challenge getting the water “right”. I felt like I had been over-watering as some of my varieties were tasting watered down, but maybe I’ve been under-watering!? The pots (all true 10g) never feel super light and most always feel moist about an inch or so below the mulch. Lots of the new tip/leaf growth is browning/dropping as well.
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    See here. The same topics.

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      I bought a VDB and the leaves looked like that. I’m in the valley. In my case the soil was bone dry. Some water and liquid fertilizer brought it back to normal.

      My BMKK and I258 lost 1/3 of their leaves with the heat (they’ve been in the shade the whole time).
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        That’s one of the reasons I prefer SIPs…

        Possible reasons for leaf drop are under or over watering, nutrient deficiency, and insufficient sunlight. Of course dormancy as well.

        I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced leaf drop from nutrient deficiency even without fertilizing but my mix is also 40% compost.

        Under watering pots and insufficient light to lower leaves in ground have been reasons I’ve experienced dropping leaves personally.
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          I am watering my container figs by sinking the container under water for 10...15 seconds. I usually don't wait until all the air bubbles are gone, because roots need air and I don't want nutrients leaching out of soil, but sometimes (maybe once or twice per season and per container size, smaller containers more often than larger containers) I let a container to be drowned, until all the air is gone, so I get reference weight (measured by hand) for fully water saturated soil. So I can calibrate my hands to feel if the container is too light or not.
          I usually water my container figs 2..5 time a month. During the heat wave I watered every second day. When it rains almost every day, like now, I stop watering,
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