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  • Finally some figs

    Finally, for the first time in three years since having moved up to blacksburg from Virginia Beach, I am able to pick and eat a fresh ripe fig. I moved up here a few years ago and have been trying and failing to grow fig trees. First year I left them out too late, and lost several plants. Second year I brought them out too early and lost plants, including the figoin variety that I've been hunting for for about five years prior. Now, today, I came home from work excited to pick the fig I saw that morning and came home to my beautifully ripe fig ABSOLUTELY SWARMING WITH ANTS. oh nay nay, picked that sucker and washed it off and BOOM, first fig in three years. Absolutely amazing fig and brown sugar flavor of a black swadi fig, totally worth the wait.
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    Congratulations! Glad you got to it before the ants stole too much.
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      Here’s to picking a bunch more now that you’ve got the new climate figured!!!
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        Congrats. Figgers are persistent! Hoping you get many more.
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          Every time I catch ants swarming a fig I still clean it off and eat it. I also have in the back of my mind that scene from Police Academy with the candy bar.
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            Looks great....eat the ants, they add to the seed crunch. LOL
            Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

            Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


            • vispot
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              Lol, generally I do eat the ants just cuz more protein,but I really wanted to slice the fig in half cuz half the enjoyment of eating figs is seeing how pretty they look inside and out

            • Ktrain
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              Totally agree vispot, Ants just don't help with presentation. lol

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            I second eating the ants. I shake off what I can, the rest goes in my mouth. I noticed figs starting the ripen a few days ago and immediately started laying out borax ant killer around as a preventative.

            Short side story: A vegan came to buy a tree from me but was having second thoughts as she heard that figs are not vegan due to the wasp. I assured her that they are indeed vegan as we do not have the wasp in NJ. Maybe I should have mentioned ants?
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            • Ktrain
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              If they only knew.....the bugs they eat unknowingly...lol