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  • Absheron Yellow 2021

    This was the first fig from my small tree and I didn’t have any idea what to expect. I was pleased to see a drop of deep red honey forming at the eye.

    This is a beautiful fig. The next one appears more yellow. They have a deep red interior that is berry flavored and quite sweet. The skin and syconium are very soft and sweet as well. It does have an open eye and this could cause problems but despite MANY other figs getting spoiled recently, these have managed to ripen without problems, possibly due to the honey pooling in the eye. If this was not caprified, it might pose more of an issue and I don’t know what the interior would look like.

    The leaves are large and beautiful with deep lobes. They are also soft and velvety, similar to Unk Pastiliere.

    I’m really excited to see how this one continues to improve with time. A first fig that was this good usually means great things are to come!

    *Addendum I shared about this fig because it was a beautiful fig and it is a new variety for me. Is it among my best? No. Is it beautiful and tasty? Yes. It is far too early to say if this will be a winner as I have only ripened 3 figs from my small tree but many other varieties ripen crap figs in their first year so this was promising and noteworthy.
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    Thanks for sharing
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      big fan of yellow figs. Awesome Eric
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      • Evdurtschi
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        I really like the yellow ones too. I did have one that ripened last week that was bright yellow but the birds beat me to it.

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      Man, a yellow fig with red interior that will be gorgeous!
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        I love the leaves and of course the fruit looks amazing as well! Thanks for the post I wasn’t aware of this one.
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          What is it about yellow figs with a red interior, they like instantly make your eyes brighten & your mouth water. Yummmm!
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            I had this one my wishlist in the signature even before you posted this
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              Dang!....looks like a pretty good seed crunch too.

              Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

              Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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                Nice lobes! Kinda reminds me of Sequoia. The most long lobed leaves I have seen so far.
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                  How does this compare to Beltrana for you? Is it more yellow? Which taste better?
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                  • Evdurtschi
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                    Very different taste. Beltrana is very yellow as well. I’ll be posting about Beltrana later tonight….

                  • Halligan-
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                    Awesome, thanks man!!

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                  Nice! I hadn’t heard much (anything) about this variety.
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                    This is an Azerbaijani fig. There is a classic description of this variety from the Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
                    "Absheron yellow, Sary Absheron. It was received in 1958 from Azerbaijan. It was described by Nesterenko and Strebkova (1950). It is widely distributed on Absheron, where it bears fruit without pollination. In the conditions of the Southern coast of the Crimea, it is almost non self-fertile. Fruits without seeds usually fall off long before ripening. They ripen in late August—September.
                    The trees are very tall, with long, flexible, hanging branches and a rounded elongated crown. Annual shoots are light, yellowish-green or light brown, with a thick waxy coating at the ends, semi-shiny. The lentils are very thick, round and linear at the nodes.
                    The apical bud is greenish-yellow, large, broadly rounded at the base and sharply tapering to the tops, strongly pointed. Inflorescences are flat at the top, rounded at the peduncle, sessile. The bases of the eye scales are slightly protruding. The scales are large, depressed, light-colored. Inflorescences are matte, light green, slightly ribbed, tightly pressed to the shoot. The legs are 0.2-0.5 cm. The leaves are large or medium-sized, cut in half, thin, light green, hard on top, softly pubescent on the bottom, with thick veins, five-lobed. Petioles of medium thickness. The blades are narrow at the base, sharply expanding to the tops, lying on top of each other. The bases of the leaves are heart-shaped, the edges are large-toothed and serrated.
                    The fruits of the first generation are 4.5 X 4.9 cm in size, weighing 35 g, wide-crushedform, slightly drawn to the peduncle, flat at the tops. The peduncle is 1 cm long, sometimes more, green, with gray bracts. The eye is yellow-green, small, open. The skin is lemon-yellow, without pubescence, tender, slightly ribbed, especially at the eye. The fruit is very thick, white, the flesh is creamy, the cavity is large, the taste is mediocre. The fruits of the second generation are 4X4. 5 cm in size, flat-rounded, with short necks on legs up to 1-1. 2 cm. The skin is thin, tender, greenish-yellow with a pinkish blush on the ribs, a strong waxy coating and very weak pubescence. The eye is large, open, light cream. The fruit is white-cream; the flesh is dark pink, watery, sweet, without acid, mediocre taste, with numerous medium-sized seeds."
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                      Eric. You misjudge the taste of the Absheron Yellow fig. And weird, why is the fig green in your photo? It is not enough to have a high-quality camera for a photo shoot. You should give objective assessments for the taste of figs, which you always rate at 10 points. Thus, you are misleading a large number of people. https://zen.yandex.ru/media/azerbaij...35a600af82a942
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                      • Rigo007
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                        Vladis , you more than anyone else in here knows that figs look very different in color and in taste than that of other countries/states. What Eric rates as 10 (which was not the case on this post) I might rate a 2 because of my climate. Very different results from many areas. Eric also has the wasp and who knows how he takes care of his trees, what he uses for fertilizer, soil mix etc.

                        He is completely entitled to his opinion as is everyone else. My worst fig, for me is Smith. But to others, it is a gold standard. I'm not sure where you're trying to get with your comment and insult about "It is not enough to have a high-quality camera for a photo shoot." Personally, I envy his skills.

                        You too take amazing pictures. As a matter of fact, I follow and admire them. So what gives, brother?

                      • Vladis
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                        Rigo. In the USSR, in the period from 1935 -1975 in the NBS, Yalta, a large unique collection of figs from all over the world was collected. Yalta has a wonderful climate, the blastophagus wasp lives and pollinates figs. Experts have observed varietal figs for decades. A tasting commission was created annually. And I can trust these specialists. Experts gave an assessment to the fruits of the SAR-Apsheronsky-direct. In numbers, this means 3 points on a 5-point scale. It is for this reason that I do not grow Sary-Apsheronsky in my garden. I have a large group of fig lovers in Russia. In this group, I give objective assessments to all varieties of figs. 5 points for the taste of figs are not often awarded. I have a climatic zone 8A-8B and my figs are pollinated by a blastophagous wasp.

                      • Evdurtschi
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                        In response to your incorrect statement that I rated this a 10, I came back and gave you my numbered assessment and rated it a 7. Based on your info from your group of tasters, on an equal scale, they would have rated it a 6 since you said it was given a 3 out of 5….. not a whole lot of difference in my ranking and theirs.

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                      I’m curious what your source is I have a tree called Absheron Baku which pretty much looks the same as yours.
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