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  • Capoll Curt Negra Main 2021

    Im not going to try to describe the flavor as hint of this or that or describe complexity because I cant πŸ˜…

    The taste was very unique, very delicious, interesting and intense. I hope someone else can describe it better.
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    Chicago Zone 5b

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    Whatever the flavor notes, it looks really tasty! I keep hearing great things about this variety!
    β€‹π“‚ƒπ“‚ƒβ˜½οΈŽβ€‹α¨π“‚ƒHigh Desert Foothillsπ“‚ƒα¨β˜Όβ€‹π“‚ƒβ€‹π“‚ƒβ€‹
    Zone 9Γ£ β€’ Southern CA


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      This is an absolutely delicious fig variety. To me, here in Ca, I can taste raspberry, peach, plum, and a wonderful lingering sweet aftertaste. It is also a well performing fig, fairly large size, doesn't split easily, fairly early, doesn't spoil easily, and sets a good crop, not oversetting like some. An all around winner!


      • MJFIGS
        MJFIGS commented
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        Im glad to know that. I was surprised and it was a one year old tree from cutting. So Im really excited about it. Thanks for sharing these good details.

      • Fruitgrower
        Fruitgrower commented
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        Your welcome, BTW, very nice looking pics above!

      • cvarcher
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        I thought I even tasted some mandarin orange like flavor in the background .

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      Cant wait!!!
      wnc Z7a Hominy Valley - fig sales at happyvalleyenv.com/shop


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        I second that....can't wait!!!
        Joe - Rhode Island Zone 7a https://figbid.com/Listing/Browse?Seller=Jostang75


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          It’s definitely a vigorous grower so far. I picked one up early spring and it’s bigger than some of my second and third year trees. Pretty incredible.


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            MJ, I know I've asked you this before on another variety but I'm losing my memory in my old age....did you give it a head start? I have a young CCN but it hasn't fruited for me yet in 6b. Thanks....
            Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania / Zone 6b


            • jessup42
              jessup42 commented
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              I wonder if this variety needs some serious heat to kick it into gear?

            • MJFIGS
              MJFIGS commented
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              All of my trees ( %99 at least ) had a head start in a heated greenhouse starting early February.

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            Mine has some nice sized figs still green but no head start here in 7a NY. They only need some love (sun, heat, fertilizers, water, well drained soil, good microbes ,lime and calcium) and time( oh 1,2,3, or 4 years) . They will decide to fruit for you.


            • Netstars
              Netstars commented
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              1,2,3 or 4 years - how true Corrado!

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            Chris, all the ones that never made a damn fig are making figs now in August (Planera, CDD Roja, Izbat an Naj) . My CDD Roja is a small tree 4 years old well branched in a 10 gal pot and finally making a few figlets. meanwhile I have small rooted cuttings that are making more figs than the Roja. Its nuts!!


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              CCN = Proof that the earth is flat?

              Did someone try to hide CCN on a ship and it fell off of the side of the Atlantic? One thread deems this one the "KING" of figs... nothing bad said about it that I recall

              And it's 2023 now...

              Mine is in a tree liner still growing through 105F+ with some shade. I just noticed she has moved some leaves as I've been watering without looking
              W/L Intense Berry Flavor
              @ Hot Dallas zone 8"


              • TheBigFatFig
                TheBigFatFig commented
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                Lol I Googled and spelled it purfigs. When I did it right I found the mention in 2022

                Ripening date is soon...
                August 17
                August 18
                19.. 20..21... 22...