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  • Remove a rooted cutting from ground?

    As a last ditch effort to make my stubborn cuttings root (ones I started in March), I just stuck a bunch of them in ground hoping they would root. Most didn't make it. However, one looks to be a success. And it is Craven's Craving. So it's not going to work out in the ground here in my zone, given that it's a late fig and also would die in the winter. I also can't just dig it up now as the roots are so young.

    What is the best course of action?

    Should I dig a chunk of the soil below and hose it gently to bare root it?
    GA, 7b

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    Maybe wait until it goes dormant then dig it up and pot it...? My father has dug up and potted several dormant trees over the years without issue. In fact, one he dug up last fall not only survived winter storage, it set and just start ripening a main crop,
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      Makes sense. Thank you.

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    You can carefully make cuts in the soil around it to encompass the roots, lift it out and set it in a pot.

    Let it stay in that chunk of soil until it's roots mature.

    I have done this before with success.
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      I see no reason why not just dig that tree out and plant it into the container, what you like.
      One of my figs, that I started in February, has survived 4 repottings already, and serious chewing by a dog in-between those repottigs, and is finally planted into the ground.
      If you dig it out, don't wash the soil off from the roots. Washing roots may be good only in case of some serious root infection.
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        I just digged one out yesterday and gave to a friend. Been in ground since last winter and i had to cut all the thick roots that grew extensively in ground.
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          I would leave the native soil attached
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            Just take it out. Obviously don't yank it but as Ktrain mentioned take a wide enough birth around the roots. Chances of survival unless you butcher it is high.
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