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  • Forum Shortcuts

    Just a quick roundup for new and old folks who may have overlooked some shortcuts that can enhance your forum experience. I was new to vBulletin when I found Ourfigs, and maybe others are, too.
    • Ignore List: Automagically filter posts/replies to hide content from specific users. Instant stress reducer.
      • Click your name in upper right corner > User Settings > Account (tab or dropdown menu) > scroll to bottom to add names
    • Signature: Attach your location, zone, wish list automatically to all your posts. Help others help you better.
    • Go directly to first unread response: Less scrolling! Does seem to get buggy when the thread gets super long, like the sticky PSA is now.
      • Click the little circle to the left of the post title (must have cookies enabled)
    • Display responses with newest at the top: Useful for looooong threads like the sticky PSA.
      • Click thread title > Latest Activity (tab or dropdown menu)
    • Go directly to last post: When you're looking for the final word.
      • Click the little rectangle to the right of the name/time of last post
    Hope these can help someone else as much as they help me.
    Zone 10b, Long Beach CA
    Creator of The Original Wasp In Fly Out (WIFO) Bags
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    Very nice JT1923, this will be extremely helpful for new comers.

    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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      Thank you for the post.
      7b.. Wish list figs.. #1.Verdalino, #2.Figoin.....


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        So glad you posted!!
        ive been wondering about how to block people the last couple days!!

        Round Rock, TX 8b
        WL: Delicious figs


        • KDAD
          KDAD commented
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          But I apologized!

        • JT1923
          JT1923 commented
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          lol 😂

        • Halligan-
          Halligan- commented
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          KDAD I can still see your posts, Guess you are not on the list🤣

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        Looks like a great sticky, if not already available.
        Tony; Pickens county, SC zone 7b

        Care for the Earth...there's no place like home


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          JT1923 thank you very much this helped me a lot, even though I been around a while I’m an old timer and the computer still puzzles me, you’re post helped me and I’m sure a lot more people
          Last edited by Mario; 08-20-2021, 07:50 AM.
          Wallingford,Ct. zone 6b


          • JT1923
            JT1923 commented
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            Glad it helped 👍

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          Thank you for the info and guide.
          St Augustine Fl.
          Guy A
          St Augustine Fl.
          Zone 9A.