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  • Paratjal Rimadas reversion question

    just wondering if it or a part of it can also go back the other way to striped. Anyone have that happen?

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    I think all rimadas can go through this. Though I don't have specific experience with PR.
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    • swethakyadav
      swethakyadav commented
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      Update - Didnt read this properly. Thought it was a question of whether it can revert.

      I have a couple of BNR's that seem to be reverted but was asked to wait for a full season to see if any new buds come up with striped wood.

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    According to this article the answer is no.

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    • Vitaly Krovlev
      Vitaly Krovlev commented
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      Nice article, however it describes leaves mainly, but not fruits. I have different experience with my LSU Tiger plant, that for the first 2 years had no visible stripes on fruits, and now every ripped fig has distinct stripes on it.

    • Finodejete
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      The process would be from variegated to solid and then back to variegated. It sounds like from your description the fruit went from solid to variegated.

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    WOW, excellent article.Thanks. I got my answer!!


    • cvarcher
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      Hmmm starting to get questionable .Keep the posts going ? Someone out there surely must have had the time to experience something with these reversions.