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  • Paratjal Rimadas reversion question

    just wondering if it or a part of it can also go back the other way to striped. Anyone have that happen?

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    I think all rimadas can go through this. Though I don't have specific experience with PR.
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    • swethakyadav
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      Update - Didnt read this properly. Thought it was a question of whether it can revert.

      I have a couple of BNR's that seem to be reverted but was asked to wait for a full season to see if any new buds come up with striped wood.

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    According to this article the answer is no.

    Plants with variegated foliage are usually very popular. Many times, variegated plants are used to brighten up shady, dim areas or as focal points in landscapes or even as indoor
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    • Vitaly Krovlev
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      Nice article, however it describes leaves mainly, but not fruits. I have different experience with my LSU Tiger plant, that for the first 2 years had no visible stripes on fruits, and now every ripped fig has distinct stripes on it.

    • Finodejete
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      The process would be from variegated to solid and then back to variegated. It sounds like from your description the fruit went from solid to variegated.

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    WOW, excellent article.Thanks. I got my answer!!


    • cvarcher
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      Hmmm starting to get questionable .Keep the posts going ? Someone out there surely must have had the time to experience something with these reversions.