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  • Shiny or dull??

    I have a few rooted cuttings supposedly from the same tree but their leaves have quite different appearances, an unknown Adriatic.

    I'm wondering could these be from the same plant even though some leaves are dull and some shiny? And some with both??

    Click image for larger version

Name:	dull leaf.jpg
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Name:	shiny leaf.jpg
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Name:	shiny&dull leaves.jpg
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    Eugene OR 8b

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    Top etna
    middle VdB
    bottom etna or misc. top & bottom prob same.
    I see zero adriatics there. Sorry. If you need some I’ll flood you & you’ll never ask for cuttings again 😁
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      It isn't possible to say with rooted cuttings. This is a pic I took a few years ago of a Longue D'Aout cutting I rooted. Click image for larger version

Name:	LDA leaf  type 2-25-18.JPG
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        Totally possible. In my experience, once the cuttings (from same tree/same branch) are growing on their own they make all kinds of weird growth decisions. Some look just like Mom from their very first leaves, and some go wild and make spade leaves and other shapes for a while. I had two VdB cuttings from my tree that made shiny spade leaves this spring. Mine usually even out after the first year and start looking more like their mother tree in their second season.
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          Last year I grew 2 air layers from the same VdB plant and they looked completely different from each other. I trust leaves for ID zero percent and leaves and fruit maybe 75% at this point.
          Tony; Pickens county, SC zone 7b

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            early leaves can be weird. give it time.. and it can still be weird. but majority will somewhat look alike. weird.
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              What's confusing me is the fact that I took the cuttings and labeled them. One tree was a Mission type the other Adriatic supposedly. I know figs throw off weird leaves when young...but I still have a bunch of cuttings some shiny and others dull?? Maybe I got distracted...

              But I think, after rereading the comments, that I just have to accept the fact that early leaves can be weird, no big surprise. Thanks!
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              Eugene OR 8b