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  • split resistant premium figs?

    what are some "top tier" split resistant figs? a sudden rainstorm split half of my ripening i258 figs, these would have been my first taste of this variety. ive been shuffling them away from the rain in the past but i missed this one, now im thinking it might not be worth the hassle dealing with figs that split.
    NC Sandhills zone 8A. Wishlist- BNR, CDDG, and split resistant figs.

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    This year white madera #1 seema to be a big rain resistant berry berry jam favorite. Prices are up and its very popular. I havnt tried it but based on video evidence I want too. I also want the Italian 258 but many people have lost their minds on pricing cuttings this season. Maybe I can snag a couple at a more fair price later this fall. Green Ischia dont get much hype but seems to be very split resistant and sweet berry with a hint of tart. At least here in 7b north central alabama . this is yr 3 for my tree and I should have plenty of taste testing on it. My Green Ischia is super red all inside and dark green to light green ish when ripe. Figs are preparing to start ripening soon on the tree now.
    7b.. Wish list figs.. #1.Verdalino, #2.Figoin.....


    • It Could use another day
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      many are turning figs into a business, i think prices will get worse in the coming years. i may be able to get you a small airlayer or a few cuttings off my i258, remind me this fall.

    • ginamcd
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      Make a wishlist. Many of us are more than happy to share cuttings for the cost of shipping.

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    From what I have read, Red Lebanese (Bekaa Valley) doesn’t spoil or split and dries on the tree.
    Australia (Zone 10a)


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      White Madeira #1 and Smith are my top split resistant varieties.

      Followed by, Dark Pourtugues, RLBV, Red Sicillian, Syrian Dark.
      Chicago Zone 5b


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        Steer clear of black Madeira and it’s synonyms . Even In my excessively hot dry climate I have to be careful when watering or the figs are prone to splits


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          Celeste and JFE Improved Celeste.
          Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Sucrette UCD, Rubado


          • blaze
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            My JFE improved celeste is a rockstar

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          I've been ripening Improved Celeste, Iranian Candy, Smith, and Azores Dark...the only other one (and the only one so far to split) is Campaniere.
          Zone 6A


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            Why not just protect your figs from the rain,when rainy season hits?
            Sorry for cross posting this image:
            Click image for larger version

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            Estonia, Zone 5 Wish List 2023 Improved Celeste-Florea-Red Lebanese Bekaa Valley-Teramo-Long Yellow-Iranian Candy-De Tres Esplets-Malta Black-Salem Dark-Olympian-Smith-Green Michurinska + Any tasty super early fig


            • It Could use another day
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              the reason i asked is because the plants in this pic seems to be in ground, i cant put up a tent like that here due to wind. and there isnt a "rainy season" here we get it all year unfortunatley.

            • Sulev
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              OK, if you live in a super windy location, then that makes sense.
              But in general, there should be no big difference if you protect (with a tarp) from a rain your inground trees or your container trees.
              If there are number of trees, then placing and removing a tarp should need less effort, than shuffle. If your weather forecast is good enough to instruct, when to shuffle, it's good enough for warning of need for tarp.

            • don_sanders
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              A tarp may help but I don’t think it is just the direct contact with rain. I would think the high humidity is a major issue as well.