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  • Galicia Negra - 2021 (no wasp)

    First fig from a second year tree. What a beauty. The pulp is so dark that in full sun, it looks reddish but Indoors the darker shade stands out.
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    That looks great!
    How was the flavor?
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    • swethakyadav
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      For a first fig off the tree, it was good. Nice refreshing light berry with good sweetness and melt in the mouth texture.

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    This gives me hope for darker interior figs in Texas!
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      Looks great! Thank you for sharing.

      I have two GN that I rooted out this past Spring. One of them had two figs on it. I plucked one of them since it was looking deformed/like it was going to be aborted anyways.

      The other one is looking happy. I cannot wait to try one. Especially in a few years after the tree matures.

      Are these known to be split resistant when mature and in-ground???