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  • Bring out the critics! 5 fingered lobes on 2 Black Madeira types! Holy moly...

    I would like to begin the process of dispelling the myth that these black Madeira types cant have 5 fingered lobes. My figo preto started to Exhibit 5 fingered lobed leaves. I got very worried, as would any good figger since this is a known “bad sign” to exhibit. Anyhow, in a panic, I took a short walk over to my violeta that I received from Bass at trees of joy, and there I saw a another five lobed leaf. If preto was a fake, then that is a simple explanation. However, i highly doubt Bass would mess up one of his most expensive trees. So I am not sure if it is my growing conditions or some other Extraneous factor, but my two black Madeira types are showing both five finger lobes!!! I do have a 3rd that is an actual black madeira that will be grown out and we will see how she does here in this environment, but too small for comparison.

    I thought it was interesting enough to share because so many folks worry about the five a lobed leaf with black Madera types. Maybe it is the same folks that claim you cant ID a fig by leaf type, but then claim a black madeira cant be this way or that. But regardless, alas, I am seeing a consistent trend (2 outta 3) here at my growing environment of 2500’ in western nc. For fert i use Southern States 14-14-14 slow release, Miracle grow, compost, castings, azomite, sea-90, fish emulsion, dolomite lime, poultry oyster shells, etc. A cacophony of food for long & short term along w a peat, bark, perlite, sometimes vermiculite (for bigger trees), etc.

    Pics are preto, Violeta, Violeta, then Figo Preto, but overall indistinguishable. Violeta is young in 2ndleaf, preto too i believe. We will compare fruit soon which is at the same pace, too. Havnt eaten fruit yet so too soon for 100% proof, but getting close.
    Cheers wild world of Figgers 😀
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    I’m new to figs but those don’t look like Black Madeira type leaves to me. The leaves on my trees are not so pointy. They are much more rounded, short a stubby looking.



    • Kid Fig
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      I think his BM is going through its wierd leaf phase and or possibly suffering from FMV as to why they are long and pointier.
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    • AscPete
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      Increased Lobes and deeper sinuses usually occur along with wider node spacing caused by faster growth from increased Nitrogen, nutrients, water and or favorable growing conditions. It’s a typical Ficus carica growth habit.

    • Kid Fig
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      (see avatar pic)

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    Mine has a single 5 lobed leaf, all the rest are 3 and single.

    Has a lot of goodies on it though....I hope they all make it.

    So yea....5's are not unheard of on BM...mine is kk.
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    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


    • JMF75
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      Nice looking tree there Kevin. My kk is the same way. They can be temperamental if they get too much of anything even for a short time. 🙄

    • Ktrain
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      This year is my first attempt at BM, so I'm really trying to baby it and my I-258.
      It will determine if I keep it...lol

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    What are the approximate ratios of the different leaf shapes?
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      << I thought it was interesting enough to share because so many folks worry about the five a lobed leaf with black Madera types. Maybe it is the same folks that claim you cant ID a fig by leaf type, but then claim a black madeira cant be this way or that. >>

      I'm one of those who claim that you can't reliably "ID a fig by leaf type" but correspondingly I've made no claims about what Black Madeira leaves must look like. To the contrary, my BM kk has a combination of spade-shaped, 3-lobe and 5-lobe leaves. Here's a picture (just taken) of some 5's.

      Click image for larger version

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      Joe, Z6B, RI.


      • JMF75
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        Joe how is your BM doing for you in your area?

      • jrdewhirst
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        Treated normally, it's too late to ripen much here.

        This year (see my thread "A new Rite of Spring") I gave it a head start indoors under LEDs. I picked my 1st figs a few days ago, my 3rd today.

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        Here’s a grafted BMKK-
        A few five lobed leaves.
        Apologies about the bird netting.
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          Definitely nothing wrong with that. I routinely have 5 and even 7 lobe leaves on mine. One of my trees has a lower branch with only deep lobed leaves. I’ll grab a pic.
          I posted about my Figo Preto that was ravaged and girdled by rabbits that grew back with all 7 lobed leaves for the rest of the year. It’s now back to its normal self.
          Eric - Santa Barbara, CA Zone 10a


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            i have young BM last year all finger leaves and this year mostly spades so i say wait until the tree matures or fruits to confirm fruit. i wouldnt say its not possible for BM types to not have other leave shape than the spade leaves its famous for.


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              I think when it grows vigorously, it gets lobed leaves. It’s not that weird.
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                My Figo Preto only put out five-lobed leaves towards the end of the season that looked like the five-lobed leaves on my GNAF. The first leaves over the last two seasons have been spade-shaped for me, with some three-lobed leaves coming in later. I expect to see five-lobed leaves in a month or two.
                San Francisco, Zone 10b


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                  jessup42 . I don't know about the leaves Jessup but holy cow! The amount of fertilizer s and ammendment you use is crazy 🤪 😜 😳. No wonder your figs are growing more lobes. They are all over eating
                  bergen county NJ 6b
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                  • Ktrain
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                  • jessup42
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                    I went from a serious under fertilization to an over compensation adjustment. But it sure looks like these things are hungry enough to handle the load! Prob the #1 reason a few chose to grow & put off the notion of fruiting. Why think about the next generation with fruit while conditions are so darn good

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                  It’s funny cause my black Madeira is showing 5 lobes and last year it was showing a few spaded leaves. Everyone is telling me it ain’t a BM but could it be? I’m finally getting signs of a figlets hopefully it’s a BM.
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