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  • Growing from seed with a persistent caprifig

    I saw a few videos that said pollinated figs taste better so I was trying to find a male tree for pollen but then read up about persistent caprifigs.

    it sounds like any common fig pollinated with pollen from a persistent caprifig would produce seeds with the P gene making the fruit from those trees female/edible.

    assuming I understand that correctly and plan on pollinating my existing female trees for better tasting figs how many seedlings would I have to start to get a new female tree that has decent fruit?

    is it like 1 out of 5 might be good or is it more like 1 out of a 1000?

    I’m just a small backyard grower and the main objective is getting pollen to pollinate my existing female trees to improve the taste of those figs but if I do that I might as well let some seedlings grow if I find them below my female tree.

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    Its a lot more complicated than that. You would have to hand pollinate since you do not have the fig wasp in your area. As far as the seedlings you will get males as well with the P gene. You can breed a persistent male with any female and still get persistent/common females.
    Mike Lamonte

    Louisiana Zone 8/9. W/L Caprifigs of old and new ones to trial.


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      Good to know. I was under the impression that ALL seedlings would be female assume persistent male / common female.

      So what is a general ratio?
      50% female? 10% female?

      Can u confirm if pollinated female fruit tastes better?

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      I can not confirm that. But it seems everyone says they are better pollinated. I don’t live in wasp land either.

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      Millennial gardener has a YouTube video about hand pollination if you’re not familiar with it.

      18 gauge hyperdermic needle water and some pollen. Looks easy peasy. Was trying to track down a tree for the pollen after watching his video then went down the rabbit hole of getting the seeds and see what happens. Ha.

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    A cross between a common fig and persistent caprifig will increase the number of viable common seeds produced. You’ll have to grow all of them out for years until they fruit to determine which are common vs Smyrna vs caprifigs. Then of the few that are common, you’ll have to grow those out even longer to figure out which ones are even worth eating


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      Cool. Throw seed and see what happens. Hopefully the pollinated tastes better though as that is the goal. I’m waiting on replies from a few of the colleges that have a breeding program to see if they sell the cuttings for persistent caprifigs or not.

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      I know that evdurtschi and BrianM have persistent caprifigs, you might send them a message and see if they sell you some cuttings

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      I think I read something along the lines of (after all is said and done) 100 viable seeds will net you 4-5 new fig types that are palatable (and possibly 1 being a gem).

      Just a general approximation I imagine.

      Soooooo be ready to have 100 pots!

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    I just ordered UCR 347-1 and UCR 228-20 cuttings - i think both of these are persistent. Not sure if the pollen is in the main or breba crop but will know sooner or later.