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  • Air layer by Shphagnum only

    Saw this in a plant propagation book by American Horticultural society. Worked great already with zero hormone, so adding some should work wonders with expedited rooting. I havnt seen the use of orchid Shphagnum like this previously so plz forgive if it is a well known technique. I never considered straight slicing into the bark like this, then pinching a substrate for contact to inner cambium & such. Usually its a wrap job that has flaws with gaps in soil to branch. Here goes:

    before beginning use boiling h20 to sterilize & moiston orchid shphagnum
    step 1- slit cut into cambium layer to pinch shphagnum
    step 2- apply hormone or dont
    step 3- place a small amount of sterile in the slit to pinch
    step 4- wrap area with more shphagnum
    step 5- wrap in saran or plastic. Black plastic prevents needing foil
    step 6- cover w foil if using clear plastic

    wait at least a 6 wks to 2 months & check. Pretty simple & so far my newest favorite technique. Cheers!

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