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  • First WM#1 harvest

    This is my first harvest, they weight between 50-70 grams which is bigger than what i have expected. What i didn’t expect is most of them have a split/open eye. Maybe b/c they have splitted and its first harvest, they weren’t sweet. Do you guys think it is my watering regime?

    The smaller one on the side is LSU Tiger.
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    Wish List: BNR
    Growing list: WM#1, Golden Rainbow, LSU Tiger, Hollier, Violet Sepor, White Adriatic, Astoria Green, H.Chicago.

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    too much water near harvest. try to cut water toward the harvest.
    USDA Zone 7b
    Piedmont NC


    • Jeffrey88
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      Thanks for the advice, i will give minimal water from now on. I watered it once every 1-3 days depending on the weather, watered all other plants simultaneously. GR, VS, Adriatic, tiger did not split. Maybe I spoiled this tree too much.

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    I thought white Madeira was supposed to be split resistant, definitely can't put this one in ground.
    NC Sandhills zone 8A. Wishlist- BNR, CDDG, and split resistant figs.


    • cvarcher
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      mine split as well last year. Right now I have a bumper crop of WM#1 and its been raining and raining here in NY. But they havent started swelling yet. Timing is everything. You may hear split resistant but thats not always the case especially from another region. Also in ground may offer better protection because the ground can soak up more of it than a pot.

    • Jeffrey88
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      Im also from NY. I think due to expansion of the pulp, the fruit splits from the eye but the skin is still very hard. I moved it into the garage during heavy rain storms and placed plastic over pots on regular rainy days.

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    I would say too much water, not only make them split but also wash the flavor out.
    Nice looking though....hope you get some that do not split.
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!