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  • Negra D'Agde

    I'm just across the Columbia River from One Green World and they are offering the variety Negra D'Agde. I'm pretty much restricted to container growing due to lack of space. But Negra D'Agde looks like it can stay on the small side and still produce a good amount of medium size figs. I'd love to hear more about people's experiences with this variety and opinions on the plant and fruit as it looks like it is fairly resilient to humid conditions and rain. As I understand people say it is vigorous, prolific and precocious. How does everyone score this variety?


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    Tim J. Camas WA 8b Take rest in the shade of the fig tree which God has grown and taste the sweet fruit of his labors.

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    I have one in a container and am sitting on the fence with it. I think it has an acidic after taste. Not sure if it really does as I am still learning how to grow fig trees to their fullest potential.
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      Negra d’Agde does have acidic aftertaste. Very vigorous grower.
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        If you are across the Columbia from OGW then I wouldn’t say you really have the kind of humidity that this variety is known for tolerating. OGW recommend it as a great greenhouse fig, and most of the positive reviews I’ve seen of it so far have come from the much more humid and rainy and hot east coast.

        What are you growing already? Maybe some of us PNW-ers can recommend some varieties for you?
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          I have it. Right now mine isn’t that vigorous or productive coming into its third year. I think there are better options for us.


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            Currently I have just started some containers with Negronne and Bourjasotte Noire. I also have Black Spanish, Black Jack and Lattarula - which are probably destined to become dwarfing rootstocks. I can just grow with containers on a small patio. yes I know, with a hobby like this I will soon get overwhelmed for space. Likely it's Petite Negri for me.
            Tim J. Camas WA 8b Take rest in the shade of the fig tree which God has grown and taste the sweet fruit of his labors.


            • Sod
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              Do you have a greenhouse? Bourjasotte noire is going to be a tough one to ripen without it.

              I also have petite negra and have been extremely disappointed with it. I would consider getting a good Etna type. Red Lebanese bekaa valley is one of the best.

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            It does very well in my cool, coastal environment. Productive and very tasty. It is the fig pictured next to my user name.
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              My Negra d’agde was good last year. This year it is dropping like crazy.
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                I think it’s a pretty good, but if you only have a few trees I wouldn’t include this one


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                  I got my first Negra D'Adge fruit on my small plant from Sparky (Steve). The fruit looks nice but I may have waited to long to pick it and taste. Here's a few photos of the Brown Turkey and Negra D'Adge.

                  Fullerton, CA


                  • buzzerj
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                    I grew up in Fullerton, Brookhurst and Orangethorpe. How'd you like the taste of Negra d'Agde? So your plant is still small? I was wondering what size they mature to.

                  • sc4001992
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                    buzzerj, I'm closer to CSUF, been here since '81 when there was a Hughes Aircraft Co where I worked. The taste was good but it may have been over ripe so next time I will need to try the fruit sooner. My plant is one 18" tall.

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                  Got my Negra d’Agde from One Green World a couple months ago and it already has several figlets. Unfortunately, these will not ripen in time. Is it typical for this young fig tree to put out fruits this late? Thanks.


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                    I have 1 in its 2nd year. Only a few ripe ones, but they did have that acidity which I liked
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                      I've got it here. The trees have been moderately vigorous and productive. The flavor of the figs is quite decent.

                      Unfortunately, it ripens somewhat late for me. I managed to get a modest crop this year by giving one potted tree a head-start indoors. But it doesn't seem like a great choice here where the season is somewhat short. I'm likely to remove the tree that I impetuously planted in the ground and also give away my potted tree to a grower with a greenhouse. If anyone in RI / MA is interested, let me know.

                      But your growing conditions may be more similar to those of venturabananas. So his comments are likely more relevant for you.

                      Here's one that I picked a few days ago from the tree that got a head start.

                      Click image for larger version

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                      Joe, Z6B, RI.


                      • MASS FIGS
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                        I liked the flavor. I can see why people say it’s like a cherry and isn’t a flavor I’ve had much of before.

                        I’ll keep mine for now, and hope it continues to improve. Agree that is it more appropriate for those with head start capabilities

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                      For me, Negra d'agde has been the most productive of my 15 or so trees. I've got it in a 5 gallon SIP, and it's working on ripening a second round of about 40 or 50 figs. That said, some of the figs have dropped this year for me, and many of them have been on the dry side. So, I'm still on the fence about it.
                      Brooks -- Zone 9b Tampa area
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                      • sbrookswest
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                        slowpoke, I'll work on that. Things have changed with the recent torrential down pours we've had over the past few weeks -- it's been discouraging.

                      • slowpoke
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                        sbrookswest, yes it's been brutal. It's what I've imagined Florida weather would do to figs, but I got used to drier than normal and now it's just sad. Even LSU Purple has been splitting/spoiling/molding.

                      • sbrookswest
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                        slowpoke, sad is probably the best word to describe the last few weeks of fig growing for me. It sounds like we're experiencing similar effects from the rain. The only fig that seems relatively unaffected is the alma fig. Interestingly, LSU Gold has held up pretty well, too. It looks like we have some drier weather in our forecast hopefully. Good luck!

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                      I’ll be honest. Mine sucked in a pot. It dropped anything starting to ripen, it wasn’t vigorous, and I was tired of fighting with it. I gave it one last shot to do something so I put it in the ground. I have no idea what’ll happen but it’s at least growing better. I don’t know if it’ll ripen or not, but it did set figs fairly early for me. I’ll change my tune if it ripens this year.


                      • ZomVee
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                        Same, sucked in a pot.

                        I might graft it onto something inground...I don't know

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                      I culled it.
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                        I have one too and it’s definitely been a laggard compared to almost everything else. I think it’s the 2nd least vigorous after only my Gino’s Black. But even the Gino’s getting a second wind lately.
                        Marco - MA zone 6b


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                          Originally posted by sbrookswest View Post
                          For me, Negra d'agde has been the most productive of my 15 or so trees. I've got it in a 5 gallon SIP, and it's working on ripening a second round of about 40 or 50 figs. That said, some of the figs have dropped this year for me, and many of them have been on the dry side. So, I'm still on the fence about it.
                          Hey sbrookswest ! Like slowpoke, I’d love to hear what has done well for you, apart from NdA? I’m a zone neighbor of yours. Once my varieties start ripening (I’m just starting out) I’ll return the favor. :-)
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                            pdxambassador mine is a very poor graft, it's barely alive after all this time. I had grafted another one but that plant died. I might try snipping a cutting and try grafting it elsewhere. I don't want another tree or I'd AL it instead.

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                            • pdxambassador
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                              Thanks for the update. Yeah your poor NDA looks like its had a rough year, just like so many of us…