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  • fruit drops, need fig wasp?

    2 seasons ago, found this fig and took a cutting for rooting practice. 1st year, fruits drop, but made nothing of it. this year bears more fruits but also dropped as fruits becomes soft and slightly pruned.

    Appreciate help with id the variety, and more importantly, does it needs pollinate? The inside does not looks close to pictures of common figs people posted.

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    Sacramento, CA 9B
    WL: More space for fig trees!

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    Looks about ripe. Do not think it needs the wasp. Have you tried one? I see seeds inside so it has to be ripe or close to it
    Mike Lamonte

    Louisiana Zone 8/9. W/L Caprifigs of old and new ones to trial.


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      I tried a few, they were bland, thick skin, and little moisture

    • goodfriendmike
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      Lp936 Is that the first figs you got off the tree? Do you have the wasp in your area?

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    goodfriendmike, not the first fig, but it was also dropped.

    I haven't seen any tiny insect that suggest fig wasp. Although, I got a seedling. Not sure how that is possible except from birds.

    I also have Olympian, VdB, Panache, all produce tasty figs. Just wondering if the one in pics needs pollination or more time to mature
    Sacramento, CA 9B
    WL: More space for fig trees!


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      Some seedlings just are not any good.
      Jason. San Diego, CA - Zone 10A WL: Boysenberry Blush


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        Thank you for sharing those pictures... A very interesting fig!
        Wonder if the tree ever produced a few brebas earlier in the season (?).. Are you in California near a fig wasp area ?
        The fig pulp structures shown in the picture do contain short pistillate flowers which is not that frequent in a Common or Smyrna type..
        At this stage I would suggest you with the help of a good glass or cheap microscope to get details of those pulp structures.. May be you could play Science with you kids..?