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  • Rain, rain and more rain

    What a frustrating feeling to have so many figs ripening during the torrential rain coming down here in the North East for several days. Almost all are wasted. Lesson learned, next time all those in containers will go back to garage. Oh well …
    Livingston NJ, zone 6b.

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    Vitaly, I moved all of mine Saturday evening and just brought them back out. I have a covered patio that the bigger trees went under; the 2-3 gallon trees went in the garage.

    My in ground is in sitting water. Hoping that drains pretty quickly. Fixing the drainage there was on my summer to do list...
    NNJ 6B
    Wishlist: Cessac!


    • Vitaly Krovlev
      Vitaly Krovlev commented
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      Smart move. Yeah, I wish I’ve done that. It’s not that I learned this lesson for the first time. Just thought it (storm) would move away much faster.

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    Saw a photo from Japan, figs are grown in a easy greenhouse ... in the summer. Apparently, the problem associated with rains there is so serious that it forced people to build summer shelters from polycarbonate.
    Андрей. N.-W. Кавказ, пень Абрау, 7б-8а


    • Vitaly Krovlev
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      Great! I’m moving to Japan… LOL

    • acerpictum
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      Vitaly Krovlev California is closer and there is less rain

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    I hear you Vitaly. My first ever Smith, Improved Celeste, Peter’s Honey - garbage. 💩
    Zone: 7a Long Island


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      I unfortunately have commited to fig shuffle only 2 times a year, one in the beginning one at the end. Anything more and the neighbors and my family will say im nuts.... wait a minute, they already do when I say i have so many fig varieties in my back yard.
      bergen county NJ 6b
      Wish list: oh lets face it Ill take any variety I dont have!!


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        I don't think we've seen the sun here in western CT since early July. I was able to get a decent spell of good weather as my first Smiths ever ripened so they were good, so was VdB. A lot of the others have been remarkably bland, unfortunately.