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  • Desert King main crop 2021

    I was given a tree from Jon at encanto farms around 2016 after I bought a couple of trees from him. It was sent to Jon to see if it was a new variety. Jon did not think it was but asked to let him know if it turns out to be one. Since then the tree produced large breba crop and a small main crop that dropped each year. The breba and leaf pattern was consistent with Desert King. This year for the first time it produced a ripe main crop. The fruit is small like my Celeste, green to yellow when ripe and has sugar spots. It is very sweet. Seems like other Desert King main crop posts on this site.
    Seems like I got both the wasp and the BFF in one year.
    on the left side one Celeste, on the right side a Mission fig, and the middle figs are all from the mystery fig.
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    Los Angeles 10B coastal influence.