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  • Izmir Main 2021

    My Izmir plant was on my cull list last year since it didn't produce. Somehow it is still around and dropped a few figs this year. There were 2 that were ripening and I got to try it for the first time. I was very surprised how good it was! I think on a level with Bourjasotte Gris. I would need to try a few more to be sure, but I think this is now a keeper.

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Name:	Izmir02.jpg
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    Tony - San Diego, CA 10A

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    Its funny what figs can do when you threaten them with the cull list.

    Tony, Toronto Canada USDA was 4B now 5B
    Wishlist: Rigato Del Salento PB,
    San Biago.


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      I’m curious: How old is it, and what size pot?
      Alan. Los Angeles area. Zone 10b (Sunset zone 24).
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        It is in its 2nd leaf in a 3 gallon pot.
        Tony - San Diego, CA 10A


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          2nd one ripened to perfection. It tasted as good as it looked. This one looks caprified compared to the first one. Such a beautiful fig!

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          Tony - San Diego, CA 10A


          • Evan
            Evan commented
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            Wow....that is a gorgeous fig...not sure how this variety slipped under my radar but I might need to add it to the list. Excellent job. Did this have an acidic bite to it? I read that it was a fig with a good amount of acid.

          • straywolf94
            straywolf94 commented
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            I didn't notice as strong an acidic tang compared to something like Unknown Pastiliere or Burgan Unknown. It tasted similar to Bourjasotte Gris but a bit more acidic than B. Gris. Pulp was denser than B. Gris.

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          Fundamental differences ... The first fig of the wasp seems to have been ignored. Or it bloomed too early (or the weather was not flyable). The second fig is very good!
          Андрей. N.-W. Кавказ, пень Абрау, 7б-8а


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            I'm glad to know that it can ripen without caprification. I recall some back and forth opinions on that. I started cuttings last winter and have around 4 trees...will be keeping one...have extras if anyone is looking. It seems to be quite vigorous. The rooted cuttings are very robust.
            Pm me for the list of trees available for sale.
            Phoenix, AZ zone 9B


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              I ended up with 3 of these and decided to put the weakest one in the ground. It’s an experiment to be sure.