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  • Which side is up?

    I can use your help. I received 4 Little Miss Fig cuttings. However, I'm uncertain which side (top or bottom) of each cutting should be put in soil. Please see the photo. The first cutting on the left -- I see a root on the bottom, so I the bottom end goes in the soil. But how cuttings #2, #3, and #4 ? Which is the top side? Which is the bottom? Thanks in advance.
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    1, 2, 3 are right side up #4 is a little hard to tell from the picture.
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    • TNJed
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      I agree with this

    • 17short
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      With the #4; you could cut in half and root both of them, cut side down. At least one will be right.

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    You want the nodes to look like frowns when planted.

    However, they will root upside down just fine
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    • Halligan-
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      Nope, when you look at the leaf scar it’s a frown from the side though it does look like a smile... so I guess we can both be right

    • don_sanders
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      I think I might know what you are saying but I normally go with what doubleblue posted below.

    • Halligan-
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      don_sanders ahhh Got ya, that makes sense.
      Thanks for clarifying

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    The 4th one is upside down IMO. In my limited experience, the pronounced lenticles are usually below the nodes. The most protruding node is usually for the leaf.


    • ZomVee
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      Yeah, that one looks upside down

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    I agree. Flip #4 and you're good to go.
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      The vegetative bud is above the petiole scar. Works every time. That's what everyone is looking at in your pictures. The big end isn't always the bottom.
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        Look at the petiole scar, this is the tip how to know it is right or upside down

        Click image for larger version

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        • arachyd
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          This is correct.

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        It doesn't really matter since they can grow roots from anywhere along the stem. If you just want it to be proper (because most of us care about such things) then the pics doubleblue posted are correct. You should see a large scar below two smaller scars that can look like a mouth and eyes.
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          Looks like you got your answer on which end is up. However, while it is hard to tell for sure from the photos, those cuttings don't look very good. Are all the splotchy dark areas moldy/rotting patches? Perhaps they traveled a long way to reach you...?
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            Before you go to the trouble of propergating "little miss figgy" i think you will find that other than fancy leaves ,its realy not that good a fig . My guess is most growers with a large choice of varieties dont bother with LMF?
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