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  • My Desert King is Ripening Main Crop without a Fig Wasp????

    Maybe I’m going a little crazy but it looks like some of my main crop Desert King figs are ripening and are eatable. This is a 2 year old tree and this is the first year I’ve harvested figs from it.

    When I saw some of the main crop figs swelling and ripening I was curious and ate 2 of them and was really surprised. Obviously nothing close to the fully ripened breba crop I ate earlier this year but I was pleasantly surprised.

    The main crop figs are very soft including the neck with no red interior but with partial sweetness and can be definitely eaten. Honestly, pretty good. I’m calling them “Bonus Figs”

    I know exactly where all this years new grow is on my tree and these figs are 100% growing from this year’s new growth and are main crop. I’m almost certain my tree is a Desert King as well.

    While most of the main crop is falling off a handful of them are swelling up turning yellowish and ripening and I’m eating them!
    How’s is this possible?
    Is it because of the Brown Turkey Rootstock it’s on?
    Do I have a one off different version of Dessert King?
    Anyone ever experience something like this?
    Am I nuts?

    Click image for larger version

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    Toronto, Canada USDA Zone 5. Wish List: Azores Dark, Malta Black, Sucrette, LSU Hollier and Violet Sepor. I'm always interested in trading cuttings if your in the Southern Ontario area. Thank You!

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    DK ripens about 30% of main here. Not uncommon.
    Z8+ Oregon, willamette valley. WL: More land, cool citrus
    Ok fine, I made a channel but it’s not all figs: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC2vAVzLns27I5JUiwpiPMUw


    • Sod
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      Nope. Some of them actually rival the breba for quality.

    • Bravo_Figaro
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      cool !! nice to know

    • pdxian
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      Ya, that's about what I get as well.