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  • Verdino del Nord (VR) [Figoin] 2021

    VdN(VR)/Figoin has started ripening for me today. Its a nice little green fig with a berry flavor.

    For those who haven't read up on the state of confusion of this variety recently, I think this is the current situation:
    -There are clearly two different varieties of VdN, a Tatiana version and a VR version. The VR version is a smaller fig that is also called Figoin.
    -Ross had a VdN(VR)/Figoin that he got from Vladimiro Rocco; Bass (and subsequently Bill L) is also selling a Figoin that is probably identical to the VR version of Figoin, but the lineage cannot be traced back to the same source, so its possible that the Bass and VR Figoin figs are slightly different.
    -Figoin is a common name for a small green fig in Italy.
    I think that sums it up?

    In any case, this is the VR version of VdN/Figoin that Ross has spoken about at length.

    Video link: https://youtu.be/YCOoc-nYKds

    Click image for larger version

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    Sacramento, CA - zone 9b

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    I love this fig. It is one of only 3 on my wish list. And number one on that list in order of wanting it for my personal gardwn.
    7b.. Wish list figs.. #1.Verdalino, #2.Figoin.....


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      Looks great, Pete. I enjoyed the video review. This one has performed admirably this year for me in Southern California. Haven’t had one spoil in the heat while they dry on the tree and the production is excellent.
      Formerly known as “SoCalFigs”. Wish list - Never ending.
      CO zone 5b


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        This fig is very alluring to me. I love the cute little size and the cute little name “Figoin.” I do think it’s very possible at least 3 VdN varieties are grown in US. For all the reasons stated, plus I believe it was reported that someone who bought material from Bass said it was labeled “Figoin 2.” Together with the fact the name is widely assigned to little green figs in Italy it seems very possible/likely there’s at least 2 Figoins and the VdN(Tatiana) here. JMO from reading all the threads.
        CJ in Memphis 7b/8a….tight eyes, nonsplitters...Pons figs, French figs, Mario figs & tasty Cali seedlings!


        • figs and tropicals
          figs and tropicals commented
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          I believe you are correct in your statements. there are probably 3 figoins distributed here in the us, plus the tatiana verdino. I am anxious to compare fruits from all three...I have two of the varieties and a friend has the other.

        • TNJed
          TNJed commented
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          figs and tropicals Thanks for the info Nancy. Please update us in the future!

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        Great breakdown.
        thats a good looking fig👍🏻
        Round Rock, TX 8b
        WL: Delicious figs


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          Leaves and fruit shape are identical to Bass's version
          Chicago Zone 5b


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            Nice. Good job on the explanation of the name confusion. I have a first year tree. So far I would agree that the growth vigor is below average. Though not as bad as a BM type. But it looks like yours is pumping out a lot of figs anyway. If the trade off is between fruits and growth, I'll take the fruits.
            Seattle (zone 8b).


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              I want... I have Verdino Del Nord Tatiana. Would love to compare Bass and VR down the road.
              Forest Hill, Texas: Zone 8a

              No wish list but open to trades and offers


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                It goes like this:

                There are 3 figs:

                1. Figoin (Bass)
                2. Verdino Del Nord (VR) - aka Figoin (VR)
                3. Verdino Del Nord (Tatiana)

                #1 and #2 are the same. Since they can't be traced back to a single person, they carry the source name. #3 is an entirely different fig.

                What would make this less confusing is if #2 dropped the "verdino del nord" and just became Figoin (VR), and the VdN name was given exclusively to #3. That would solve all of this headache.
                GA, 7b


                • SubmarinePete
                  SubmarinePete commented
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                  Why do you say that #1 and #2 are the same? My understanding was that neither Ross nor Bass could confirm they are the same.

                • SubmarinePete
                  SubmarinePete commented
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                  ieatfigs Fair enough; I agree they are probably the same

                • ieatfigs
                  ieatfigs commented
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                  SubmarinePete sorry I wasn't finished editing my answer:

                  I thought Ross said they're the same last fall. He made that post before Bigbill's sale to get figoin if anyone wants to get his VdN. Not that he has compared DNA or anything.

                  So are you saying this is another BM vs. MIB type if deal?

                  I like to see pictures of mature figoin's leaves. They both are small, green, red interior, long stem, originate from Italy. So maybe the leaves can point to a similarity or difference.

                  I have both, and figoin has some leaves that have a weird extra "thumb" on the middle finger that I don't see on VdN. But of course the figoin is just less than a feet tall and still young, so maybe not a meaningful comparison.

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                I hear so many great things about adriatic (green skin red interior) figs but I just don’t know if I have the confidence that any of them are early enough here without help.


                • zone5figger
                  zone5figger commented
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                  It’s probably early enough, also look at Verdolino

                • Avant_gardener
                  Avant_gardener commented
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                  I’m trying green minchurinska; Joe has found it to be consistently earlier than the others, but we get more heat than you so it might not translate.

                • Sod
                  Sod commented
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                  I have a few different ones. Texas strawberry Unk is in year 3 and got a headstart this year. I’m hoping I’ll at least get to taste it finally. Same thing with green Ischia.

                  Strawberry Verte looks about the same now in its second year. Smgg is bigger but I’m not sure it’ll work here. Wm#1 I have hope for but it may have to stay on my deck.

                  I do have green michurinska and Planera as well. Maybe a couple other adriatic types but those are the ones I’m hopeful of. I was gifted Verte cuttings to try as well and the one I’m keeping I’ll up pot it this weekend.

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                Pretty baby
                Андрей. N.-W. Кавказ, пень Абрау, 7б-8а