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  • Black Madeira vs Figo Preto

    For someone who has plenty of heat for ripening a late variety but has a limited amount of space, which one would you choose and why? I’ve heard that Preto grows faster and is more productive but BM has that elusiveness any ideas or opinions would be great!

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    Get a good root stock and graft all the Madeira strains on it and see whats best for you...problem solved.

    So many options on what strain is better that there will never be one sole winner. So many variables to the answer. Everyones growing location and how we grow it will determine the outcome.
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      Only one I own is Figo Preto and while I was expecting slow/minimal growth, it's surprising me. The low single trunk has new scaffold branches forming this year which are easily 4' long and two have figs at almost every node. Whether or not any ripen remains to be seen, but I would not call it a slow grower or low producer.
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        Aren't that all supposed to taste the same??
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          I have both growing side by side in pots. Fig Preto is taller and have more figs. Hope they ripen. Rooted both 12/2020.
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            Those plants look like identical twins to me. Beautiful identical twins. Very nice.

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          BM, BMKK, and Preto have been indistinguishable here so far after 3-4 years. Haven't ripened them yet this year but should within a week. It doesn't matter which one you get...
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            That's one good fig that seem to be the same to me as in taste for sure. I have mounded 3 preto 3 kk here in south and I have had three ripe ones.. no bust yet. Got about 100 more to ripen. Yeppie!!
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              I have Figo Preto, BM Encanto, Black Tuscan and Mario #50.
              All are strong growers loaded with figs.
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                I have a large Figo Preto that will be either going into a 15gal pot... or into the ground. I have a lot of Full full sunny spots on my property.

                Quick Questions...

                How cold hardy are these two trees?

                Also, would one be able to grow them in ground in my area and have all the figs ripen before cool weather sets in? I know they are late...

                I live on the border of 7B/8A in coastal Chesapeake, VA. We have over 200 days to the growing season between frost dates allegedly.

                Frost Dates for Chesapeake, VA | Old Farmer's Almanac


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                  The length of season will tell you if they will have enough time to ripen them. However, the more important thing you need to consider is lowest possible temps. Below 15/20F and you're likely to see some amount of damage unless your planning on protecting them.